Get Perfect Mood Lighting Every Time With Warm White LED Light Strips

Warm White LED Lights
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If you’re looking for a home improvement project that is easy, affordable, and can make a big impact on a space, let us introduce you to the world of warm white LED light strips. These flexible strips are made with adhesive backs that can be attached to railings and walls, under cabinets, above beds, and really anywhere that need a touch of warm and welcoming lighting. LED light strips can curve around photo frames, be affixed to wall art installations, and create a soothing ambiance around door frames.

Many of the light strips on our list include dimmers, which give users more versatility with their lighting. Keep things bright for meals and bring down the lighting for dessert. Brighten a dorm room desk when it’s study time and create theater lighting when you’re ready to Netflix and chill.

LED lights are long-lasting and don’t give off much heat, making them safe for use in homes and offices. If you’re ready to put the finishing touches on a room and don’t want to break the bank doing it, get creative with fun and functional warm white LED light strips.

1. HitLights Warm White LED Strip Lights

For a UL-listed, high-end and long-lasting lighting option, we recommend the HitLights Warm White LED Strip Lights. Using high-quality 3M blue adhesive backing with heat resistance and strong integration, the HitLights are easy to install and durable. The 12 Volt, 44-watt lights provide smooth, even lighting without any spotting. The flexible strips can be placed just about anywhere inside a home or office and the strips can be cut to fit. Mounting clips are included for the power cords and each set of HitLights comes with a dimmer.

Pros: The HitLights have an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours or five years.

Cons: The HitLights have the highest price tag on our list.

HitLights Warm White LED Strip Lights Image courtesy of Amazon

2. GuoTonG Warm White LED Strip Lights

Add ambient lighting to the inside or outside of your home with the GuoTonG Warm White LED Strip Lights. The GuoTonG light strip is cuttable and connectable and can be snipped at every third light without damaging the remainder of the strip. The lights come with a five meter self-adhesive backing and six lamp clips for connecting the waterproof strip. The strip includes 300 bright LED lights that and pack 12 volts of power.

Pros: The GuoTonG are IP65 grade and the only waterproof lights on our list, making them ideal for use outdoors as well as in bathrooms.

Cons: The GuoTonG lights are not dimmable.

GuoTonG Warm White LED Strip Lights Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Olafus 16.4ft LED Strip Lights

For a discrete and flexible lighting option, try the Olafus 16.4 ft LED Strip Lights. The Olafus comes with a UL-listed power adapter and a dimmer switch. Six mounting clips are included to secure the power cord to a wall or under cabinets. The 12-volt strip includes 300 ultra-bright warm white LEDs that have a low temperature and are safe to touch. The flexible strip has an adhesive back and can be attached almost anywhere inside a building.

Pros: The Olafus have a black backing, which makes them ideal for discrete application to dark cabinets and furniture and on walls with dark paint.

Cons: The lifespan of the lights and adhesive of the Olafus is not as long as the HitLights.

Olafus 16.4ft LED Strip Lights Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Govee LED Strip Lights

Add soft lighting to any space with the Govee LED Strip Lights. The 16.4-foot strip includes 300 LED lights that boast a high Color Rendering Index for a consistent 3,000K color tone. The Govee includes a dimmer with six lighting levels. The flexible strip can be cut and applied to almost any surface thanks to the 3M adhesive backing. The lights boast 12 volt of power and the set comes with five clips.

Pros: The Govee emit an extremely low heat, making them safe for use in homes with pets and small children. The Govee also includes built-in short circuit prevention for added protection.

Cons: The Govee are not waterproof.

Govee LED Strip Lights Image courtesy of Amazon