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This $10 Hack Fills Up 100 Water Ballons In Less Than 60 Seconds

* Inflate 100 water balloons in no time
* No tying necessary
* No spilling or mess 

Summer is here and it’s getting hot. That means it’s time to have fun and time to cool off. Best way to do that? A water balloon fight. They’re a fun seasonal activity that both kids and adults can enjoy, but the process of filling up the balloons can be a challenge. Now, it’s easier than ever to launch and prepare for your water balloon festivities thanks to

. It allows you to fill up 105 water balloons in under 60 seconds. Less blowing up balloons and more throwing them means you’re going to have a blast this summer.

Bunch O Balloons features three rapid inflation stems, which hold about 35 balloons each. Just attach them to your typical garden hose or other source of water, turn it on and watch all the balloons fill up at once. It’s a site to behold.

What’s even cooler is you don’t have to tie each balloon into a knot. They’re self-sealing and close on their own. This saves you a ton of time and hassle, and it helps prevent spilling. It couldn’t be easier to use.

Your kids will lose their minds once they start throwing these around. Just blow up the balloons for instant fun on any hot day. You’ll keep them occupied for hours. Another perk: each balloon is made from biodegradable material that is safe for the environment.

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