This Personal Water Filter Belongs in Every Emergency Prep Kit

lifestraw emergency prep
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* This straw will effectively filter 99.99% of bacteria
* Use it to amp up your emergency preparedness kit
* It can also come in handy on hiking and camping trips

With the world becoming more and more uncertain these days, many people are taking precaution and preparing their own emergency kits. These helpful little packs are filled with necessary items in the event of a natural disaster. The LifeStraw is a great addition to any kit, because it’s a water filter that’s able to clear out 99.99% of bacteria and can still fit in your pocket. Plus, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or annoying spare partsr.

life water filter emergency kit Image courtesy of Amazon

Simply stick it in your water source, and it will filter out potentially harmful materials such as escherichia coli (e-coli), campylobacter and vibrio cholera. The straw will reliably filter for up to 792 gallons of water. As well as working in emergency kits to be stored in your home, car or office, you can also use it on hiking and camping trips, for a reliable drinking source, or during international travel where the tap water may not be safe to drink. It removes the hassle and time involved with using iodine to filter.