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Never Forget to Water Your Plants Again

* Plant sensor lets you know when to water your plants
* Works with 50,000+ plants
* Simple to set up

It’s a rewarding feeling seeing your plants grow. But for those of us not born with a green thumb, that’s not always easy. Now, there’s the PlantLink Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Plant Sensor. It’s the fastest way to add some game to your gardening and make sure all your plants stay happy.

PlantLink couldn’t be easier to use. Simply place the sensors in the soil of any indoor or outdoor plant. The sensors calibrate to the plant’s soil humidity and watering needs by using the built-in catalog of over 50,000 plants. Then it connects to the PlantLink app on your smart devices to let you know via text when your plants need water. No more forgetting, under-watering or worrying.

This is a super simple and efficient way to monitor your plants’ health from anywhere. Up to 64 of them at the same time, all from a single base station. PlantLink uses plant-specific algorithms for each plant. So, it’s not one species fits all.

The sensor leads are gold-plated in order to resist corrosion from the water and wet soil. And, each PlantLink sensor accommodates a long-lasting battery life. This, of course, leads to a longer, happier, healthier life for all of your plants. If you’ve wanted to become a better gardener, consider these your training wheels until you get the hang of it.

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