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The Rocketbook May Be the Smartest “Paper” Notebook You Can Buy

* Optimized for easy scanning and uploading
* Rocketbook app works with Android and iOS devices
* Reusable with microwave-erasable ink 

The Rocketbook Wave Smart notebook is one of the first products we’ve seen that combines the freedom of a physical paper notebook with the utility of a networked electronic note-taking app.

The Wave Smart notebook is a physical notebook specially optimized for easy scanning and sharing of notes using the included Rocketbook smart phone app. You can even configure the app to automatically send pages to specified destinations online or in the cloud. It is compatible with most email providers, Google Drive, Evernote and more.

The Rocketbook app also takes care of the often clumsy process of scanning and uploading a written page, using it’s own algorithms to quickly detect symbols and text and produce crisp, clear images that are ready for pdf conversion at any resolution up to the full native resolution of your smartphone’s camera.

This allows you to create meeting-worthy notes on the go and instantly share them with colleagues and collaborators. The Rocketbook Wave Smart notebook is a boon for traveling writers or journalists. It allows the convenience and ease of longhand note-taking while greatly simplifying the laborious process of digitizing those notes.

If you need to take notes in the field, it’s a lot easier to carry a slim paper notebook and a phone than an expensive laptop or tablet. And as as added, interesting bonus feature, the Rocketbook is reusable. Notes written on the Rockebook Wave Smart notebook with the Pilot FriXion pen can be erased in the microwave. The FriXion pen’s ink is formulated to turn clear at 140 degrees F, and the Rocketbook is specially optimized to be microwave safe. One word of advice: just be careful when leaving it in a hot car on a summer’s day.

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