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Weekend Debrief: Tell Your Friends to Go Away

* Only a few more weekends left in summer so make it count
* Get outside and explore a new event or new scenic point
* Enjoy an activity with friends or go it alone for some “me” time

We’re halfway through August, and whether you’re preparing to go back to school or just mentally preparing for a busy fall at work, you can’t afford to waste your weekends. Our suggestion: get out of the house and do something different today.

There are plenty of outdoor events happening around the country this month where you can hang out with a group of friends and meet the locals. If you’d rather go it alone, we’ve got a few ideas for that too. Just remember: fall will be here before you know it, so make the most out of summer while you still can.

1. Check Out An Outdoor Movie Screening

Who doesn’t like sitting on a blanket, munching on some snacks, and watching a movie outdoors with your closest friends (and a couple hundred strangers)? Here are 11 nationwide outdoor movie series for when you just want to watch The Breakfast Club on an inflatable screen surrounded by food, friends and the open skies.

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Image courtesy of National Harbor Movies on the Potomac[/caption]

Best Outdoor Movie Screenings & Events in America


2. Attend Your Local Rib Fest

Rib festivals are one of the best, if not most overlooked, parts of summer. If you haven’t yet sunk your teeth into some sweet barbecue, fear not. There are still plenty of chances to taste the best ribs at events across the country. And if there’s nothing near you? Well, just make your own festival at home with a few select sauces, and choice tools and grills. Happy feasting!

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3. Take a Road Trip Somewhere… Unexpected

There’s nothing like the feeling of packing a quick bag and hopping in your car for a spontaneous road trip. The question is: where are you headed to? If you’re near California, we’ve found five must-see cities to discover that aren’t named San Francisco or LA. They’re all within a 3-4 drive of major hubs, so you won’t be too far from home.

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Image courtesy of Ojai Valley Inn and Spa[/caption]

Best Last Minute Trips in California


4. Try Out a New Fitness Class

Looking for a little extra inspiration to get you back on track with your fitness regime? If you’re like us, the idea of trying a new workout — and getting to buy new workout gear — really get us in the mood. Just make sure you’re buying the right pieces. After all, what you wear during your workout can help boost your performance, increase your speed, allow for greater range of motion, and prevent unwanted distractions. It can also have all the opposite effects. To prevent an uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction at your next spin class or yoga session, here is what you should be wearing for your next workout…

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock[/caption]

The Best Clothes for Every Workout


5. Go For a Ride

When all else fails, grab your bike and go for a ride, whether through the neighborhood, or on a more adventurous climb. Try documenting your journey too. You may not be making a movie anytime soon, but at the very least, it’ll make for some very jealousy-inducing social media posts. We’ve rounded up the best bike mounts for your camera, to make sure it’s smooth sailing — and recording.

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Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

Best GoPro Bike Mounts

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