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Weekend Debrief: It’s The End of the World As We Know It

It’s hard to believe we’re more than halfway through the year, and by most accounts, 2017 seems to have been a doozy. From the (still) contentious political climate in Washington, to online privacy concerns and even strange pop culture phenomenons, there’s been no shortage of weird and wacky this year.

But not all hope is lost! There are easy ways to cope with the state of the world right now. For starters, shopping. And scoring a big discount. The Nordstrom Annual Anniversary Sale ends Sunday so you’d do well to check it out. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals here.

Here’s what else people are talking about this week — and how we suggest you deal with it.

1. Hillary Clinton is Releasing a New Book

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Entitled “What Happened,” the book promises to be a candid and revealing look into Clinton’s presidential election loss last year to Donald Trump. On a more personal level, publishers say Clinton will also address the mistakes she made, and reveal how she has coped with her “shocking and devastating loss.” But do people really want to read more about the election that happened one year ago? Haven’t we all moved on? See what else Clinton had to say, and read our preview of the book here.


2. Donald Trump is Going on Vacation

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The President boarded Air Force One Friday to depart for a 17-day vacation. President Trump is reportedly heading to New Jersey to golf and relax, presumably with First Lady Melania. Though critics have been vocal about the President taking such an extended leave after just eight months in office, the break from the White House should give Americans a little bit of a reprieve from all the chaos that’s been happening over in Washington over the past few months. As for how we can spend the next 17 days? Here are a few ways we can also take a break and try to reclaim some sanity from all the madness.

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3. Halle Berry is Hunting Down the People Who Kidnapped Her Son

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Okay, so this Halle Berry story is purely fictional and just the premise of her new movie, but with all the crazy stories and “fake news” that have been thrown around lately, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking otherwise. Berry stars in Kidnap, this weekend’s big release, and we’ve rounded up nine other films that feature bad-ass moms kicking some butt.


4. Katy Perry is Hosting the MTV Video Music Awards

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The pop superstar is nominated for five VMAs this year and will be hosting the ceremony, which airs August 27 on MTV. She’s also set to embark on her Witness World Tour, in promotion of her album of the same time. While we wait to see what Perry does on the VMA — and touring — stage, we ranked her four studio albums from best to worst. Do you agree with our picks?


5. Throw a Vegas-Themed Gambling Night at Home

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If the news has got you down and you feel like the world is ending before your eyes, you can either try to sleep off the stress or do something about it. Our suggestion: throw a Vegas-themed games night at home. A casino party lets you gather your friends for a night of adult beverages and unadulterated fun. With everything seemingly going up in smoke these days, what do you have to lose? (Actually, scratch that. Play responsibly).

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