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Weekend Debrief: Holy Sheetcake

* Another wacky week means we need the weekend to zone out and chill
* Make a conscious effort to digitally detox and unplug
* Discover new ways to take time out for yourself

If the news from around the country (and around the world) has raised your blood pressure this week, take the weekend to try and reclaim some zen. Our suggestion: do like Tina Fey and dig into some sheet cake. We’ve rounded up five other ideas below.


1. Find Some Tranquility Through All the Noise

Sometimes the buzz of modern life can get a bit loud, with emails, texts, work and family all vying for our attention. Here’s how to regroup and reclaim a little calm through all the noise. (Hint: it doesn’t involve going on social media or turning on your TV).

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9 Ways to Grab a Moment of Tranquility in Your Hectic Urban Life


2. Start Using Essential Oils

No longer a hokey, hippy concept, essential oils are now widely-accepted for their ability to help you heal, sleep better and boost your moods. Many also use essential oil blends to help soothe anxiety and alleviate allergies. Not sure where to start? Here are eight of the best blends that work for every ailment.

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Breathe Easy: 8 Best Essential Oil Blends to Help You Relax


3. Sleep Better With a Night Light (No, Seriously)

Night lights aren’t just for kids anymore. After realizing the benefits that night lights provide, adults are now using them to fix age-old night-time problems by making it easier to go to the bathroom, illuminating dark hallways, and even helping you get better sleep. We’ve spied eight night lights that each fix a different night-time problem to make your sleep more restful.

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The 8 Best Night Lights For Your Sleeping Style


4. Curb Your Anxiety

The A-word gets thrown around a lot these days, and who can blame us? But what exactly is anxiety – and how do you know if you have it? For starters, there’s a difference between being nervous and being anxious. Here’s what else to look for — and how to keep calm.

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6 Easy Ways to Curb Your Anxiety


5. Go Ahead and Love Yourself

We want to remind everyone that it is in your best interest to stop, take a break and take some time out for your own personal indulgences. Whatever way you choose to indulge, the important thing is that you do. Have a great weekend!

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6 Ways to Indulge Independently

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