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Weekend Debrief: Less Interrogating, More Entertaining

If you’re like us and craving a distraction from the craziness of the past week, it’s time to cool down on Comey and power up with Perry (Katy). We’ve got summer’s first must-have album for you to listen to, plus your 2017 Pride Guide, and a friendly suggestion on what Tom Cruise movies to — and not to — watch. Also: Father’s Day is next weekend. So you know, make sure you get that gift to dad in time. We’ve got a couple ideas.

1. If You’re a “Maybe” on The Mummy, Here Are Five Other Must-See Tom Cruise Flicks

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Tom Cruise’s latest film, The Mummy, hits theaters this weekend and we’ve found the best seats in your city on Fandango. Book your seats ahead of time online, then get the tickets emailed or texted to your phone, so you can skip the lines and printers at the theater and head straight in.

Though The Mummy may not have lived up to critical acclaim, Cruise reminds a bonafide superstar, with a filmography that rivals any of the all-time greats. Here are five of his best films, that you can watch or stream this weekend, instead.


2. Katy Perry (finally) Releases “Witness”

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The superstar singer is back with her first album in four years. “Witness” is the first blockbuster album of the summer and has already topped the iTunes album chart within hours of its release. Here’s why you should make this mandatory listening this weekend.


3. Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18 and if you haven’t found your gift(s) yet, we’ve rounded up some of the best and easiest things to give, whether dad is a handyman, outdoorsman, or let’s face it, a bit of a geek. Otherwise, a wallet. You can never. go. wrong. with a wallet.

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4. Sleeper Agent: 9 New Ways to Get Better Sleep

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Studies show that almost 70% of us have trouble sleeping at night. But you don’t need expensive remedies or questionable sleep aids to get better rest. From dual climate comforters to sunglasses at night, we’ve found nine easy to implement solutions that you can start using right now.


5. Cool Off With a Personal Air Conditioner

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Here’s how most fights start in our family during the summer: one person thinks the house is too hot, another thinks it’s too cold. Make like the Three Bears and find a temperature that’s just right with your own personal air conditioner. Instead of running the A/C throughout the house (and running up the bills), this portable device measures only seven inches, but has enough power to keep your room cool and moist. Here’s our review.


6. Pride Gets Political

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The continued struggle for equality, coupled with the Trump administration’s lukewarm embrace of the community and a general spirit of political activism sweeping the country have all propelled politics back into the Pride spotlight. This year, in addition to the usual festivities, organizers are planning #Resist marches to accompany the parties and parades. From Washington D.C. to San Francisco, here’s how you can participate in the largest Pride weekends across the country.

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