Weekend Debrief: It’s Time For You to Kick Some Butt

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* Don’t just sit at home this weekend — get out and get active
* Easy ways to get some exercise both indoors and outdoors
* Preview and shop the newest tools and accessories to get the most bang for your buck

It’s hard to stay motivated after a five-day work week, especially when all you want to do is rest and relax. But the weekend is where you actually have the time to do something active. Take it from Charlize Theron, who’s kicking butt in Atomic Blonde (and reportedly trained with Keanu Reeves for the role), or try Krav Maga, another celeb favorite. Here are five other ways to get some action this weekend.

1. Workout in the Water

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Aqua fitness is a great way to stay cool while getting a low impact, but challenging workout. Do it in your backyard pool or head to the community center or local beach to improve cardio performance while strengthening and toning your body with resistance and support you can’t get on land. Here are six tools to get you started.


2.  Set Up An Exercise Space at Home

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Face it – not many people have huge home gyms anymore, but there are still ways to get in a workout in the comfort of your own space. Whether in your dorm room, studio apartment or even the office, here are a few practical and portable pieces of “equipment” that fit your lifestyle and small space.


3. Take a (Leisurely) Hike

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Hiking is no longer reserved for hours-long trails or Machu Picchu. You can still get in a hike around the neighborhood, whether at a local park or by exploring the hills, forests and trails just outside the city. Colorado residents hike the mountains; Cali residents hike the canyons. Just make sure you’re wearing the right shoes. Even for a leisurely walk, you want to make sure your feet are supported. We’ve found four great pairs to try out here.


4. Go Climbing (But Bring This Bracelet With You)

Best Paracord Survival Bracelets Image courtesy Amazon Image courtesy Amazon

If you’re looking for more of an adventure — say, doing some outdoor climbing this summer — a paracord bracelet is a great accessory. Made from military-grade nylon, paracord bracelets offer hikers, adventurers and travelers an easy way to keep a compact survival/emergency kit right on their wrists. Plus urban trendsetters have made them somewhat of a fashion statement. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found.


5. See Your Favorite Movie Stars in Action

atomic blonde charlize theron spy movies Image courtesy of Focus Features

After your hours spent working out — or if you’d rather just watch others doing it instead — grab some snacks, sit down and binge these 10 essential spy-themed movies, to see how the Hollywood heroes and heroines do it. After all, it still counts as being active — even if you’re just actively enjoying the action on screen.

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