Weekend Debrief: Rest and Relax After a Grueling 3-Day Work Week

weekend debrief
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If this week taught us anything, it’s that the cost of a long holiday weekend is rushing to squeeze five days of work into a Wednesday through Friday timeframe. Whether you’re geared up to clean the house, hit the links or do some online shopping, we’ve got you covered.

1. Restock Your Wine Rack

online wine club Image courtesy Heartwood & Oak

No matter your favorite varietel, the Heartwood & Oak online wine club is sure to have something that suits your taste. Check out our favorite picks from their digital cellar. They’re all delicious, and they can be yours with just a click.


2. Clean Your House

best vaccum cleaners Image courtesy Amazon

Chores may not be the most fun way to spend a Saturday, but a clean house makes for stress-free living Monday through Friday. To help get the job done, we rounded up the best vacuum cleaners. Find out which ones “suck” the most.


3. Upgrade Your Golf Game

golf gear Image courtesy Amazon

From a selfie stick to help improve your swing to an eco-friendly surface wax and a digital performance tracker, we’ve gathered the gear you need to be a great golfer. You’ll never have so much fun on the fairway as when you play with this gear.


4. Keep Your Cool

beat the heat Image courtesy Shutterstock

If fear of heatstroke has you housebound, you’ll love these life hacks to help you beat the heat. From portable fans for your phone to frozen bandanas and cooling facial sprays, it’s like taking the A/C with you.


5. Next Week Is Christmas in July

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‘Tis the season to be Prime. Amazon Prime Day is July 11, which means the discounts and promotions are going to be through the roof. The online giant is already teasing some Prime-exclusive deals in the lead up, but you can get the whole scoop here.

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