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A Whale of an Accent: Whimsical Bookends for Readers And Seafarers

* Vintage-inspired design
* Crafted from cast iron
* Great for writers, readers and lovers of nautical decor

Is reading more books on your list of 2017 resolutions? Are you a real—as opposed to eBook—lover and like to display your hardcovers in novel ways? Then you need HomArt’s Cast Iron Whale Bookends.

Why we recommend them: we’re ravenous book readers at SPY, and we’re also fans of whimsical design. These unique bookends allow you to split up the two pieces and use them together to hold your stacks, or pair them separately as a fun desk accent. Picture this piece on a bookshelf, at the office or on side table. It’s a utilitarian piece that doubles as a conversation starter.

Crafted from cast iron, these delightful whale bookends remind us of a serendipitous find at a flea market, courtesy of the hand-painted, perfectly distressed look.

We also love the attention to detail, complete with lifelike eyes, baleen and blowhole. The head is 3.75 inches long x 3.25 inches wide; the tail is 4.25 inches long x 3.25-inches high. When used together, your books will stand tall and secure. The head and tail alone also make a fun paperweight or doorstop.

Inspired by California living and architecture, Homart’s exclusive collection of refined-yet-affordable home accessories is crafted for everyday use from all-natural, recycled and new materials.

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