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The Whisper Bidet Will Change How You Use Your Toilet

Running out of toilet paper is never, ever a fun experience. Whether you’re on the seat and just out in that specific room or you’re on the seat, and you’ve no paper left in the house, it’s always one of the most embarrassing and worst feelings in the world. But, as many know, during the early days of COVID-19, toilet paper seemed to be a luxury, causing people to invest in bidets. While there are plenty to choose from, Whisper’s Bidet (which the brand sent us for review) sets itself apart by being easy; easy on your wallet, easy to install and easy to use.

Whisper Bidet: What We Liked

Whisper boasts an install time of about 10 minutes, and they really mean it. Once I’d figured out how to remove my water supply and my toilet seat, it was a matter of just screwing and unscrewing differents parts to install the Whisper. The bidet comes with the main control piece, an adapter and a flexible water line. The t-shaped adapter goes from your toilet tank to the water supply while providing a space for the hose to connect as well. Once those elements are installed, you’ll place the base on the bowl itself, connect it to the hose, put the seat back on and then you’re ready to go. The control knob is simple, offering varying levels of pressure, which is about all you need, really.

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While it definitely takes some time to adjust to the feeling of using a bidet — it was definitely a weird few days as I figured things out — it can be a little difficult to move back to using TP once you’re used to it. It’s certainly a more hygienic process overall, one that helps to cut down on waste and persevere water consumption as well. I found myself instantly not using as much toilet paper, which helped ease the pressure on the wallet. Once you’re started with the Whisper, you’ll find it strange to have used so much toilet paper to begin with.

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Whisper Bidet: What We Didn’t Like

The one drawback of the Whisper is the water itself. It’s cold. Other bidets offer the option to hook into a hot water line, but the inherent design of the Whisper is to make things simple, so, therefore, you’re stuck with water that’s a little on the cooler side. That’s not so much an issue during warmer months, but I can foresee winters with nearly frozen water being an unpleasant wake-up call. Again, it’s just a process that takes some time to get used to. Those who want more diverse features (other than simple off-and-on functionality) may also want to consider another option. Oh, and cleaning your toilet bowl itself takes a little longer with the Whisper installed, as you’ll want to ensure the toilet brush avoids the nozzle of the Whisper to make sure everything stays nice and hygienic.


The Verdict: The Whisper Bidet Will Change How You Use Your Toilet

Everything about the Whisper bidet is meant to make your toilet-related life easier, and it delivers in spades. Once you learn how to use it, the panic that sets in when you’re out of paper will disappear completely. Making life easier, saving you money, and giving you peace of mind? The Whisper provides an easy way to make things not so, well, shitty.

Whisper Bidet

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