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A Classic Countertop Pattern in Blanket Form

* Art-adorned throw for adding a touch of class to your sofa or bed
* Features classy white and gray marble design
* Fully machine washable for easy cleaning without fading

A sofa throw usually does one of two things. It either has a stunning design and functions as an accent piece, or it feels luxuriously warm to curl up in during chilly moments. It’s been quite rare to find one that ticks both boxes — until now. The Kess InHouse throw is an eye-catching blanket that provides as much glamour and grace as it does warmth.

The Kess InHouse throw blanket has been designed using the company’s ongoing ethos, which aims to bring together everyday objects and beautiful works of art in order to enrich your daily life. This way of producing useful and classy items can clearly be seen in this grey marble throw, which draws plenty of attention as an art piece in its own right.

As for comfort, the cozy throw is produced from ultra soft, microfiber fleece, to ensure you never want to leave it. Whether resting on top or curled up inside, this warm throw is more than capable of keeping you protected from the cold on chilly evenings.

Made in the USA, the high-quality throw is entirely machine washable, so you can rest easy if you have children who love to draw, or dogs who can’t stay down. You’ll also have the choice of three different sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one that best fits your bed or couch.

Add a touch of flair to your sofa with this art-inspired throw. Combining stunning design with need-to-touch fleece material, you’ll find it harder than ever to leave the couch once you’re under the covers.

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