This WiFi-Enabled Leak Detector Prevents Costly Water Damage

Honeywell Wifi Leak Detector
Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

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* Easy to set up
* Alerts for humidity and freezing temperatures
* WiFi-enabled

This WiFi leak detector stops water damage and prevents dangerous pipe-bursting conditions before they start. Simple to use, reliable and easy to maintain, Honeywell’s Lyric leak detector is a smart innovation that stands out for its practicality. It can notify you of water heater, sink, washer and basement sump pump leaks–and potentially save you hundreds of dollars in wasted water. Not to mention thousands in water damage repairs.

honeywell leak detector Courtesy Bed Bath & Beyond

An especially useful gadget for those living in more extreme climates, the Lyric leak detector also has a temperature and humidity sensor that allows it to alert you if your pipes are in danger of freezing. If you keep a cabin in the winter or sublet your place, the leak detector offers great piece of mind, helping keep you safe from wilely ol’ water’s tricky tendency to expand when it becomes solid!

It can also provide an early warning system for water heater failures and washing machine leaks. It integrates seamlessly through WiFi and is powered by regular AA batteries, making it easy to install and get working. A very energy-efficient piece of gear, the WiFi leak detector can last for years on one set of batteries.

It’s also reusable and won’t be totally destroyed by the first leak it informs you of! After all, a non-humidity resistant water leak detector would be a little like a cardboard windshield or a screen door on a submarine.

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