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This Wood Sphere Glass Lantern Lights the Way With Retro Sensibility

* Durable caged design
* Traditional lantern appearance
* Can be used as a fixed or portable lamp

This wood sphere glass lantern mixes a Victorian aesthetic with a functional and convenient design, making it definitely worth a look when it comes to patio and outdoor lighting. Portable and light, the wood sphered glass lantern fits well as a spare lighting feature for cabins and beach houses.

The wood and PVC caged glass bulb replicates the woodsy effect of an old-fashioned portable oil lantern, while casting a warm and even electric light from its incandescent vintage-style bulb. Finished in espresso-toned wood grain, this wood sphered glass lantern by Deco 79 is also durable and easy to hang on porches and patios year-round.

It is battery powered, so can also be carried around to different parts of the house or outdoors. Thanks to its quality finish and well-designed shape, it can really stand the test of time as well. The wood sphered glass lantern offers a dramatic and romantic lighting pattern, perfect for summer nights on the porch and long conversations over tea, whiskey or wine.

It provides a nice counterpoint for spaces with ultra-modern design and fits in naturally with rustic and naturalist aesthetics, such as with a redwood and teak deck or a mountain ski lodge. The lamp, with its new-traditional theme, is also a great outdoor back up light for summer barbecues and pool parties at home. Its lighting is never harsh and won’t interrupt the mood of a night in the garden or outdoors on the patio, making it a definite upgrade from the common clip-on lantern or outdoor hanging lantern.

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