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The Wooden Bread Box That Leads a Double Life

* Stylish place to store your loaves, buns and other baked goods
* Made in USA from solid walnut wood
* Flush walnut lid that can double as a cutting board

Store your bread in style with the Walnut Bread Box from Cliff Spencer. This beautiful kitchen piece makes a handsome addition to your countertop and is capable of storing all your baked goods, including loaves, rolls, buns, crumpets and more.

Whether you need toast with breakfast every day or you just occasionally “bread-out,” this stunning box not only stores your food, but its high-end appearance lifts your kitchen atmosphere too.

Made from the highest quality walnut wood, the rectangular box design is ideal for a modern or classic kitchen. The box includes a hole at either end of the walnut wood to aid with airflow in order to keep your bread as fresh as possible. The holes also aid with easy removal of the flush sitting lid. Even more impressive, the lid doubles as a convenient chopping board for handy bread slicing.

Designed and made in the USA, this highly durable bread box is easily maintained too. Cleaning is easy due to the smooth finish. The exterior can be wiped down with a cloth and the lid can be oiled to freshen up the exterior after extended use.


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