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“Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings” Is the Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Woodworking

* From professional carpenter Aldren A. Watson
* A detailed guide to the tools used in woodworking
* Written in the language of laymen

A good magician never reveals his secrets; however, the great carpenter, Aldren A. Watson, is more than happy to. You’ll find them written down and illustrated in his new book. Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings is Watson’s guide to the tools used in woodworking. It also includes explanations on the most effective ways to use them. For those who can’t spend every minute shadowing a master craftsman, this book gives you insight into the best ways to achieve the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Tools included in the book range from a chisel and mallets to saws and specialized planes. Each explanation includes detailed notes about how to use the tool. This explanation is also accompanied by high quality drawings to make sure everything is understood.

And you don’t need to worry about it sailing over your head. The language is aimed at the layman; you won’t ever feel lost. You’ll also get advice on the best pieces of shop equipment with dimensions and actual plans on what to look for or build yourself.

There are few better ways to gain the experience captured inside this treasure chest of woodworking knowledge. With the paperback edition priced under $20, this book will soon have paid for itself through the experience and knowledge you are sure to acquire.

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