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Keep Cozy with One of These Warm Wool Blankets Right Now

There’s a school of thought that says that every piece of gear in your home should be stylish and well-considered, and that’s where the best wool blankets can help you out. Sure, a wool blanket is essential in a drafty cabin or basement, especially when the thermostat drops lower and lower. And if you can find a wool blanket that looks cool and, dare we say, even stylish, then that’s all the better. The best wool blankets turn any room into a cozy outpost, particularly when significant snowfall starts to hit.

Wool blankets run the gamut from luxury options to more rugged wool blankets fit for a log cabin, and some are made from wool blends, while others are made from 100 percent wool. Any option should prove a great fit the next time you need to get bundled up after a long day in the elements. And if your weekend plans won’t entirely take you all the way from a cozy perch in front of the fire, that’s perfectly acceptable, too (you won’t want to leave if you’ve got the right wool blanket handy).

The best wool blankets often incorporate a nice mix of designs and style points, too. You’ll find options that feature bold outdoor-ready stripes or heritage patterns, as well as more minimal options to suit the modern home. Heirloom blankets often bring all of this together at once, be it extreme warmth, thick materials or a soft wool feel, to name but a few significant attributes.

Wool has natural fire-retardant properties, and it’s one of the best fabrics for retaining warmth, even in cold and wet weather. Regardless of your conditions, if you need to stay warm, we recommend using a wool blanket.

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1. Faribault Woolen Mills Frontier Blanket


You can depend on warmth and extreme softness, reach for this aptly named Frontier Blanket from a timeless and iconic company. The rich striped design calls to mind blankets designed to take on only the harshest conditions in, well, the old frontier. And the fact that it’s been updated in merino wool, so you won’t overheat nor stay too cold, is but another major bonus. We also love the fact that it’s triple-brushed for extreme softness. To be clear, this is undoubtedly a pricier option, but it’s an heirloom blanket you’ll have for years.

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2. Wills Cashmere Wool Blanket


Cashmere is a miracle fabric found in some of the best sweaters and scarves on the planet, and now, you can bring a piece of that luxury home, quite literally, with this refined cashmere blanket. It’s every bit as well-made as sweaters from Wills, with the kind of soft feel typically found in wildly expensive blankets. Sure, this particular blanket doesn’t come cheap, either, but it’s more than worth the price tag. It could just be the softest blanket you’ve ever felt.

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3. Pendleton National Park Throw Blanket


There are certain types of wool blankets that are well-suited for staying at home, wrapped in luxury, and there are certain types of wool blankets you can take with you on camping trips and cabin getaways aplenty. While we think it’s best to try to take great care of your wool blanket by keeping it within the confines of your home, sometimes, the situation calls for a little something extra-warm when in the great outdoors. That’s where this aptly designed Pendleton blanket comes into play, made to celebrate the beauty of our national parks. Throw it in the car alongside your waxed duffel bag before your next getaway.

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4. Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw Blanket 


We think all of our favorite picks for the best wool blankets can be utilized just about anywhere to keep you nice and warm this winter and beyond. However, it’s always nice to have a cozy, go-to wool blanket for the chilliest rooms in your home, be it your office, your bedroom or your den. This Brooklinen throw blanket takes the cake in our book, with a 100 percent pure wool build that should prove super-fine and super cozy to the touch. It’s handmade at a 100-year old family mill, so you know the quality is more than up to par.

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5. Rumpl Merino SoftWool Blanket


We can’t get enough luxury fabrics like cashmere when it comes to the accessories we rely on every day, and we feel much the same way about merino wool. It’s naturally anti-microbial and moisture-wicking, all the better to ensure you don’t overheat. In the case of Rumpl, they’ve thrown every single positive technical feature into this well-designed blanket. Using responsibly sourced Australian merino wool and cotton, it’s a durable yet soft blanket, available in a wide range of colors to suit every style of home. The reversible design and contrasting pattern are both nice touches that almost turn into a “two for the price of one” blanket. You can’t go wrong there, and we appreciate the fact that it’s a nice change of pace from Rumpl’s famed “puffy blankets,” which work well for the outdoors in particular. Now, you’ve got multiple well-made blanket options from the same brand.

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6. Tekla Virgin Wool Blanket


This virgin wool blanket delivers lightweight warmth and comfort in spades for quite an agreeable price, given its dependable construction. The deep black color goes with just about anything in any room in your home, with a minimal design and a nice size that should keep you warm and toasty on the chilliest of winter nights. We appreciate the affordable price and the durable construction, too.  If you’ve got a more expensive option like one of the other blankets on this list, then it can be nice to score a more reasonably priced pick so that every room in your home is outfitted properly.

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