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Pendleton Unveils Its “Tree Of Life” Wool Blanket

* Genuine virgin wool material 
* Traditional and authentic design 
* Made in the USA

This “Tree of Life” wool blanket features a traditional Navajo pattern and is crafted from pure virgin wool, felt bound and made in the USA. An authentic design and attention to detail make this blanket by Pendleton Woolen Mills a great throw or accent piece, as well as a beautiful and thoughtful addition to a living room couch or bedroom set.

At home among modern and especially southwestern-style decor, the rug goes perfectly with adobe and mid-century aesthetics, and looks great against both plain white, beige or colorful backdrops. With real wool and felt material, the blanket is weighty and cozy without being scratchy; high quality stitching keeps it from looking pilly as well.

The Tree of Life motif is a nearly-universal cross-cultural symbol, and has been a feature of traditional Navajo rug and textile art for hundreds of years. It unites a branching tree of straight lines with colorful geometric nature imagery. At the base of the tree is a geometric-pattern Navajo wedding basket and at the tips of the branches are figures of birds, said to symbolize the many joys resulting from a good marriage. The top of the tree features an image of flowering maize, symbolizing the continuation of life in all its diverse and ever-renewing forms. A plain solid color border sets off the intricate and contrasting design within.

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