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See Time Like Never Before With This LED Word Clock

* Unique clock that displays time as text instead of digits
* Tells time to the nearest 5 minutes using a bright white LED display
* Includes built-in wall and desktop mounts

Enjoy time in a whole new way with this clever word clock. Instead of traditional hands or digits, this unique piece shows time through words written on the clock’s face.

The intelligent word matrix is designed to light up the time to the nearest five minutes, using common language for telling time. For example, at 5:20, the illuminated words on the clock would read, “IT IS TWENTY PAST FIVE.” Or at 10:55, you would see, “IT IS FIVE TO ELEVEN.”

The sleek 8-inch, square background makes reading the bright white LED words a cinch. The size and style also mean this clock is ideal for any room in the house, from your kitchen to your office.

The word clock is also sure to generate plenty of conversation. As an alternative use, it acts as the perfect way to familiarize younger children with reading and saying the time.

This unique word clock also comes with a built-in mount for wall hanging as well as an easel stand, allowing placement on any tabletop. The time on the clock is easy to adjust with simple forwards and backwards buttons located on the side, next to the AC power input.

Forget your standard standard clock with hands and digits. Take a step away from the norm with this clever word clock and its novel time telling display.

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