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This Woven Wall Hanger Adds Cool Color & Texture to Any Room

* From Target’s Threshold collection
* Tri-colored theme with rich texture
* Trimmed in tassels

For fabulous and affordable home decor, we love the Threshold brand by Target. When we spied this gorgeous woven wall hanger, we couldn’t believe it was only $29.99 because it looks like something you’d buy from a local artisan.

The intricate woven design combines blue, dark navy and cream colored threads for a pleasant pop of color that warms-up any room in an instant. We are loving the heritage-inspired design of this piece, as well as its trendy take on classic weaving.

The asymmetrical Aztec pattern is trimmed with tassels for a soft touch of texture. Hang it from neutral-colored walls to add definition, or as accent to complimentary color schemes. Woven wall hangers are also a smart way to add soft contrast to brick or wood interiors. Purchase a single woven hanger and let it shine, or line a couple up together for a beautiful bohemian statement. It is entirely made of cotton so it can be easily cleaned as needed.

The string hanger is thin and shallow which lets the woven textile hang perfectly straight and look like showcased art. It measures at 18 x 31 inches tall, so it’s a generously-sized update that your guests are sure to notice. That bold blue color and interesting design is undeniably unique, but there is no assembly needed for this piece — simply hang it up and enjoy.

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