Skein Storage: The 5 Best Yarn Bowls for Knitters

yarn bowl best knitting crochet
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* Keep your yarn in one piece – even when you aren’t using it
* Materials including wood, ceramic and plastic
* Great gifts for people who love to knit and crochet

The beneficial effects of knitting can rival even the most relaxing activities, such as meditation or Tai chi. However, needle flow can easily be broken by the drop of your skein. Worse yet, you might discover your pet has taken a dislike to the yarn and unraveled it everywhere.

Thankfully, help is on hand in the form of these classic yarn bowls. Not only do they provide a convenient place to store your skein, they also act to feed you your yarn through specially made cut outs, so that the string remains at the perfect tension for knitting or crocheting. Take a look through these five handy yarn helpers and find the best bowl for your knitting flow.

1. Yarn Valet Yarn Bowl

A stylish place to keep your yarn, this lightweight bowl is near unbreakable. Furthermore, it features a rubber bottom to keep your yarn exactly where you want it. The American-made bowl is simple yet effective in design, as it feeds your yarn under perfect tension and also transporting your project a breeze.  

yarn bowl best knitting crochet non-slip unbreakable Image courtesy of Amazon


2. My Gift Rustic Ceramic Yarn Storage Bowl

This handmade ceramic bowl is available in both caramel and turquoise colors, and it’s adorned with a beautifully distressed, rustic finish. This classy addition to your knitting kit also features a spiral cutout to allow your yarn to feed easily through while keeping the yarn ball safe inside. Plus it might inspire some extra creativity with its smooth edges and design.

yarn bowl best knitting crochet rustic handcrafted ceramic Image courtesy of Amazon


3. AB Handicrafts Ceramic Brown Yarn Bowl

Similar to the previous entry yet distinctly ornate, this yarn bowl is a piece of artwork in itself. The large size of this ceramic yarn bowl allows for the storage of more than one skein. It also features a stylish spiral opening and needle sized holes to act as an effective way to keep both your yarns and needles organized and untangled as you go.

yarn bowl best knitting crochet ceramic brown gift knitters Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Lennymud T-Rex Yarn Knitting Bowl

A knitting bowl with a lot of bite, this handmade tarannosaurus-rex-adorned yarn storage container has enough space for plenty of yarn as well as your needles. It also boasts a simple cut out to act as your yarn feeder and a simple reminder on the outside reads “T-REX CAN’T KNIT.” This is definitely a great gift for your dinosaur-loving, knitting friends.

yarn bowl best knitting crochet T-Rex funny Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Anthony Stoneware Handmade Yarn Bowl

Each of these USA-made yarn bowls has been created by hand, meaning you’ll receive a truly unique product. No two bowls are exactly alike. You’ll also have the choice between six appealing colors, including butternut, lavender and white. Finally, the richly glazed bowl has a curved slot to allow for your yarn to feed through as you knit.

yarn bowl best knitting crochet stoneware handmade teal Image courtesy of Amazon

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