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This Pro Ball Bearing Yo-Yo Is the Original Fidget Spinner

* High quality ball-bearings
* Long spin time
* Professional quality trick Yo-yo

Long before we had the fidget spinner and the focus cube, we all grew up with the

. The yo-yo is the original fidget spinner and this pro yo-yo from Yo-yo Factory can show today’s sad, simplistic handheld tops a thing or two about radial motion-based entertainment.

Built around a high-quality, ultra-low friction ball bearing arrangement, this professional grade yo-yo is the signature model of world yo-yo champion Gentry Stein. Yes, there is a world yo-yo champion, and for those of us old enough to remember the brief, glorious resurgence of the trick yo-yo trend which took middle schools by storm in the late 90s and early 2000s, it’s easy to understand how much more sophisticated the yo-yo can get than a mere fidget spinner.

A pro yo-yo like this model from Yo-yo factory is capable of spinning in place, on the end of its string, or “sleeping” for long minutes at a time, letting you practice tricks like the “cat’s cradle” and “around the world.”

A more physical, more wild and all-around more involving experience, the yo-yo is the fidget spinner of a more active, and perhaps more engaged time. Though its signature quality is motion and return, the yo-yo at least goes somewhere. It departs from the hand, idles at some distance, then returns, while the fidget spinner simply twirls in place.

We think this 20th century toy deserves a comeback as an alternative to all the other stress and boredom-relieving gadgets out there in 2017. Do you agree?

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