Counter Intelligence: 4 Things You Need For Your Kitchen

4 Things You Need For Your

While your kitchen is likely already equipped with all the essentials — cookware, knives, pots, etc. — if you want to upgrade your space with decorative ambiance to your dining space or are simply an aspiring foodie, look no further. These affordable options will impress your guests and loved ones when entertaining at home, while providing unique charm to your own dining experience and even saving you some counter space in the process.

1. Stumptown Voyager Travel Coffee Kit

Whether displayed proudly on your counter or stowed away for travel, this handy set from the coffee masters at Stumptown have put together this lovely set so you don’t need to resort to subpar coffee while you’re travelling or at home. Having overnight guests or hosting picky in-laws for the weekend? They’ll be impressed by your artisan pour-over skills that are so easily achieved with this fool-proof set.

Stumptown Voyager Travel Coffee Kit

Stumptown Voyager Travel Coffee Kit



2. Peugeot Olivier Roellinger Pepper Mill

This iconic French brand has been making artisan pepper mills since 1840, and while a pepper grinder may not seem like a splurge-worthy kitchen investment, this beautiful Roellinger Pepper Mill will convince you otherwise with just one glance. Appropriately named after Michelin-starred chef Olivier Roellinger, this beachwood and stainless steel model is a favorite among many famous chefs. Not only is it a beautiful decorative addition to your counter, but it performs too. It’s equipped with an old-fashioned hand-crank that allows you to adjust to the level of coarseness for each grind for ultimate precision.

Peugeot Olivier Roellinger Pepper Mill

Peugeot Olivier Roellinger Pepper Mill



3. Spherical Hanging Basket

This rustic-meets-industrial piece blurs the line between artful home decor and functional kitchen storage. The handmade wire basket hangs like a chandelier with 4 feet of sturdy jute and a snap swivel for hanging. In addition to its decorative quality, this spherical piece also saves you room in your kitchen and dining area, keeping your counters clear and clutter-free. Available for purchase with or without liner, this piece will bring an organic quality to your dining area.

Spherical Hanging Basket

Spherical Hanging Basket



4. Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board

Let’s face it, there’s really nothing better than spending an evening in the company of wine and cheese. Whether entertaining guests or simply having a romantic evening with your significant other, this artisan cheese set gives your experience a elevated feel of attending a winery or tasting room, from the comfort of your home. This elusive to Food 52 cheeseboard set includes a sopastone pencil and hand-carved cutting knife, so you’ll never forget which cheese you’re serving to inquiring guests.

Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board, Knife and Soapstone Pencil Set

Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board Set


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