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A Healthier Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Fried Foods

* Air fryer creates a lighter version of your favorite fried dishes
* Uses one tablespoon of oil or less
* It also grills, steams, roasts and bakes

Your kitchen has a new secret weapon—and it’s about to make your fried-food habit a whole lot healthier. The Philips Airfryer whips up a lighter version of all your favorites: French fries, chicken wings, and fried mac n’ cheese balls. Instead of using decadent amounts of oil, however, this compact kitchen appliance does it all with just one tablespoon of oil or less.

This unique fryer works by circulating hot air inside the entire starfish-shaped unit. It can reach temperatures as great as 390° F, which puts some serious heat behind your kitchen creations. The patented design not only ensures your dish is cooked evenly, but that it produces that perfect crispy-exterior-meets-tender-interior combination.

We promise you won’t just use the Airfryer once a year. It also grills, steams, roasts, and even bakes. That kind of versatility means you could use it to crank out a few turkey sliders for the kids or tender salmon filets for two. And if you run out of ideas, it even comes with an entire recipe book full of healthy meal ideas created by Gordon Ramsay, the Michelin-star chef and restaurateur.

This unit is easy to use all-around. The adjustable temperature control allows you to try a ton of different recipes and the half-hour timer (with auto shut-off) signals you when your dish is ready. The only tough part is waiting for your food to cool down before diving in to eat!

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