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The Best Skillet Money Can Buy Is Just $100 for Black Friday — Don’t Miss Out

For chefs, amateur cooks or those who enjoy delicious food — there’s nothing better than a great pan. A high-performing, heat-conducting, non-stick pan can take you places far and wide and produce delicious results time after time. That’s why when you find a great pan, you should take care of it and never let it go. This All-Clad D3 Stainless Steel Fry Pan is one of the greats, and right now you can get it for $100 off on Amazon.

The All-Clad D3 Pan is one of the rare pieces of cookware that’s developed name recognition, which is no easy feat for a humble frying pan. But for those in the know, this is the best skillet on the market right now. And that makes this one of the Best Black Friday Deals of 2020, full stop.

black friday deals

This fry pan is made of durable materials and designed to be easy to use no matter if you’re a master chef or a beginner learning basic recipes.

It’s 12-inches and has low, sloped sides that make flipping, turning and tossing easy. The wide, flat surface will brown meats evenly and can handle 3-4 chicken breasts at once.

The pan is made of three layers of stainless steel and aluminum bonded together from the base to the rim, and the pan and lid are dishwasher-safe so cleaning is easy, too. The pan is also oven and broiler safe up to 600 degrees so cooking thoroughly can all be done in the same pan.

all-clad pan

all-clad stainless steel fry pan

Again, this pan is one of the best and now you can get it for just $100 on Amazon, that’s $100 of savings you can spend on other cookware. Don’t miss out — these savings won’t last much longer.