This Tasteful Bar Tools Set Helps Set the Stage at Your Next Mixer

This Handsome Bar Tools Set is

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  •  * Includes double jigger with laser etched markings
  •  * Handsome black and copper finish 
  •  * Traditional bar spoon with twisted stem

This sleek three-piece bar tool set, part of the Dwell Modern Collection, makes an awesome housewarming or hostess gift and supplies the essentials for any well-equipped home minibar.

The set comes with a double-sided bottle opener, a bar spoon with the classic twisted stem and a double jigger with laser-engraved markings and black finish for a clean, high craft appearance. These nifty bartending tools not only help you perfect your home mixologist skills, but they also make for excellent decor pieces and add an authentic ambiance to your minibar.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this bartending set helps turn a hang out into a shindig; a kick back into a soiree. A must-have for any haute salon, the included bar spoon features a traditional asymmetrical flat-paddle end for stirring up a spot-on cocktail and helps with making advanced drinks, old fashioned cocktails and custom concoctions. It comes in handy when serving absinthe-based drinks as well, giving you the ideal set up for the traditional sugar cube pour-over.

The double jigger comes with volume markers for precise mixing and its ability to turn a simple mixed drink into a bar-quality cocktail really transforms the at-home drinking experience. The bottle opener, always a must for parties, has a matching clean gold finish and a modern, minimalist geometric shape. It has a pleasing weight to it and its ease of use sure beats the Bic lighter/table-top/car key method of your college days.

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