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Transform Your Grill Into a Pizza Oven Using This Kit

* A pizza kit for creating wood-fired pizza on your grill
* Moisture absorbing pizza stone ensures crispy crust every time
* Includes cutter and server so you’re ready to plate your pizza straight from the oven

If you have ever dreamed of creating delicious, wood-fired pizza in your very own backyard, then read on. The Traeger Pizza Kit helps you do just that. The kit combines with your wood pellet grill to give you freshly cooked pizza whenever you desire.

Ideal for birthday parties, family get togethers or just a Sunday evening at home, the Traeger pizza kit comes with everything you need, aside from the barbecue, to take your pie from oven to plate.

The most important part of the three-piece set is the circular pizza stone. This is where you’ll place your ready-to-cook pizza before it goes into your oven. Designed for use with the Traeger wood pellet grill, your pizza stone also sports a moisture-absorbing surface which helps ensure crispy crusts every time. Simply place the stone on the hot grill, close the lid and wait a short time until your pizza is sizzling to perfection.

The second item in the set is a classic pizza cutter, ready to slice your pizza fresh from the oven. The sharp rolling cutter is made for easy precision cutting.

Completing the set is a serrated pizza server to take your food from the stone to your plate, ready to be enjoyed by your pizza-party guests.

Each piece of the pizza kit features the Traeger name on a classy wooden handle or imprinted into the stone.

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