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You’ll Be #Winning When You Show Up To Your Next Party With This Insulated Beer Briefcase

* Ordinary briefcase opens up to reveal six perfectly placed beer bottles
* Insulated design helps keep your brews colder for longer
* Makes a great accessory for any office party

There’s always at least one person in every office who struts into the office sporting the latest outfits and the coolest gear. Whether they’re rockin’ the latest kicks or showcasing the newest smart device, it’s no surprise they’re often considered the life of the party. Lucky for you, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to turn a few eyes. For your next party, consider bringing this beer briefcase to the table.

While it may look and feel like an ordinary briefcase, this baby harbors a hidden secret: it’s actually filled with beer. Seriously, imagine walking into happy hour looking dapper AF and then whipping this bad boy out. You’ll start popping bottles in no time.

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Backed by a durable dual combination lock and two metal clasps, this beer briefcase opens to reveal six perfectly placed spots for you to put your favorite brews. It also features a handy foam insert to help insulate your bottles and keep them from rocking around. After all, the reveal is easily the best part, and you want to make sure your bottles are all evenly (and securely) aligned.

The case itself measures roughly 18 inches wide by 12 inches long. It also features enough weight to help it look and feel more realistic. Naturally, the brewskies aren’t included.


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