Guilt-Free Fries at Last! The 5 Best Air Fryers on Amazon

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Guilt-free French fries. Myth or reality? Believe it or not, with the invention of the air fryer, it’s now possible to produce the same “fried” food you love but using little to no oil. This, of course, makes these dishes much healthier than before. Even though it may sound too good to be true, the news only gets better. Air fryers have plenty of other advantages over their oil-using compatriots.

Air fryers work by passing hot air (up to 400° Fahrenheit) over food from every angle, producing a very similar outcome to deep frying without as many negative health implications. These kitchen appliances are a perfect answer for fried food lovers who want to improve their diet yet simply don’t want to give up fried chicken, French fries and other crispy delights.

In addition, air fryers use next to no oil, which means the post-cooking clean up is minimal. Unlike using home deep fryers, air fryers leave no piles of grease behind. Mess doesn’t exist on the same level nor do air fryers produce the unpleasant oily smell associated with deep fat fryers. 

You’ll also be surprised by the variety of meals it’s possible to prepare in these advanced cooking devices. Many of the air fryers listed below can cook multiple foods at the same time. From chicken and fish to fries and vegetables, there’s something for every taste.

Check out the top five air fryers and join the healthy frying revolution. Not only will you love how easy and clean these appliances are to use, you will also be able to enjoy your favorite foods without guilt.

1. COSORI Air Fryer


With an amazing 85% of users awarding the COSORI Air Fryer a five-star rating, you can be confident you’re going to love what it can do for your fried food options. It boasts the ability to fry your food using 85% less fat over deep frying options and offers a full menu of cooking choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dishes it’s capable of preparing include steak, chicken, seafood, vegetables, desserts and more. You’ll also find a free recipe book comes with the air fryer. This book features over 100 recipes to try. Plus, the sleek device is available in red, black and white, allowing you to choose the color that’s right for your kitchen.

cosori air fryer on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Cozyna Air Fryer


With the ability to fry, grill, bake and roast, the Cozyna Air Fryer really can do it all. It’s capable of reaching temperatures of up to 400 degrees fahrenheit and boasts a 3.2-litre capacity for cooking your fries, chicken, fish and more. It’s also easy to control via the temperature and 30-minute timer dials. This air fryer comes with two exclusive books to help you on your air frying path and to make sure you get the most of its capabilities. In addition, all parts of the air fryer are dishwasher safe, which means minimal cleaning is required after use.

cozyna air fryer with the drawer open and fries in the drawer on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Secura Hot Air Fryer


The Secura Hot Air Fryer boasts a generous four-liter basket for preparing tasty and healthy meals. That’s why it’s a great choice for family-sized portions. You’ll also find the device has a handy 60-minute cooking timer along with an automatic shut off to make burning your food a lot harder. The fryer’s front face includes cooking information for common food items like chicken, steak, fries and cakes. There’s also a toaster rack and skewers included with the fryer for creating toasted and BBQ delights as well as kebabs and other skewered foods.

secura air fryer with the drawer open and a rack holding kebabs on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


4. T-fal Actifry Oil Less Air Fryer


Sporting an attractive, saucer-like design, the T-fal Actifry Oil Less Air Fryer is capable of using a single table spoon or less of oil to create a range of delicious and healthy meals. From ActiFried Chicken with Peanuts and Orange Juice to Brussel Sprout Salad, the included 38-recipe cookbook will guide you through the air frying process and get your creative juices flowing. The tray can cook up to 2.2 pounds of food, and by using the countdown timer, you won’t have to worry about over cooking. This device is ideal for preparing all kinds of food, including fish, meat, vegetables, stir fry and more.

t-fal air fryer on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Ninja Air Fryer


Enjoy guilt-free food from this advanced yet easy-to-use Ninja Air Fryer. The ceramic-coated basket offers nearly four liters of cooking space, delivering one of the largest baskets on our list. This makes the Ninja a great choice for families and people who love to host friends. The cooking process uses around 75% less fat than other cooking methods and achieves temperatures between 105 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also find the air fryer comes with a multi-layer rack, which allows you to increase the capacity of the basket when you’re dehydrating foods. And, as a bonus, the basket, crisper plate and rack are all dishwasher safe, which means you’re after-dinner cleanup will be no hassle at all.

ninja air fryer with a rack on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


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