9 Crazy ‘As Seen on TV’ Products That Might Actually be Worth Your Money

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* Some of the best As-Seen-On-TV products of all time
* Convenient, zany and lots of useful items 
* Household cleaning products to microwave accessories

Mixing the great American traditions of gaudy showmanship and practical ingenuity, the great As Seen on TV series of zany products may well have been ahead of its time when it got started over twenty years ago. Among the crazy As Seen on TV products, however, there are some that are surprisingly compelling. From useful hardware solutions to easy microwave cooking hacks, here are some of favorite As Seen on TV products that you’ll definitely put to use.

1. Lazer Bond Liquid Resin

This nifty UV-activated resin comes in a cool pen and purports to be able to adhere to metal, wood, plastic and glass. It’s useful for mending broken wine glasses, PVC pipes, porcelain and more. Since it supposedly hardens in just 3 seconds flat, it’s great for situations where it’s awkward to hold something in place for a while such as eyeglasses repair.

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2. Plumber’s Hero

While the phrase may conjure up images of Italian-American video game characters, this version of Plumber’s Hero has some very cool real-world uses. It claims to be able to unclog any drain, and to have 20 uses in every can.

plumbers hero Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. Bacon Innovations

Have you ever wished you could cook bacon in the microwave? Well now you can! A boon for bacon lovers on the go everywhere, this innovative tray functions as a crisper allowing you to make evenly-cooked bacon in the microwave.

bacon innovations Image Courtesy of Amazon


4. Rodent Sheriff

Made with natural peppermint oil, this pest repellent is safe for use around pets and kids, and it effectively keeps nosy critters at bay.

rodent sheriff Image Courtesy of Amazon


5. Squatty Potty Original

Boasting features on the likes of the Howard Stern show, this As-Seen-On-TV item is anything but full of crap. It promotes healthier bathroom posture and is supposed to help keep things moving smoothly.

squatty potty Image Courtesy of Amazon


6. Airtouch Rotating Makeup Brush

This auto rotating brush puts a new spin on applying powders, foundation and highlighter. Not quite the fully automated makeup application of the Jetsons, it still takes a lot of the work out of the process, letting you glide and blend seamlessly.

airtouch rotating brush Image Courtesy of HSN


7. Simply Fit Board

The simply fit board offers a fun way to get your core workout in. Pair with weights for an even more advanced ab and core workout.

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8. Cordless Swivel Sweeper

Powered by rechargeable batteries, this cordless sweeper aims to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas like under furniture thoroughly, unlike other similar models on the market. No messy inserts or bags to replace, either.

OnTel Cordless Swivel Sweeper Image Courtesy of Amazon


9. Allstar Microwave Crisper

Promising the elusive goal of oven-quality crispness with the convenience of microwave cooking times, this advanced crisper features a non-stick surface and special conductive heating elements that convert a microwave’s output to contact heat. Great for pizza, grilled cheese and more.

Allstar Microwave Crisper Image Courtesy of Amazon