15 ‘As Seen on TV’ Products You Should Actually Buy

squatty potty
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Mixing the great American traditions of gaudy showmanship and practical ingenuity, the “As Seen on TV” genre encompasses a great deal of zany products. The brand may well have been ahead of its time when it got started over twenty years ago. The best As Seen on TV products each had their own viral moments, even before we knew what “going viral” meant.

In addition to the late-night infomercials we’ve all come to know and love, the modern era has introduced us to a new type of As Seen on TV product. Shark Tank is the perfect incubator for new and weird products we didn’t know we needed. The show is known to increase the sales of nearly every product that appears, even those that don’t get an investment.

Among the crazy products that have been produced by As Seen on TV, Shark Tank and other TV shows, there are some that are surprisingly practical. For every Shake Weight and Snuggies, there’s a Scrub Daddy and NutriBullet. From useful cleaning solutions to cooking tools, here are some of our favorite products we’ve seen on TV throughout the years. We’re sure you could use one or two of these in your life.


1. Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool


With hilariously weird commercials and appearances on shows like The Howard Stern Show, this As Seen on TV item is anything but full of crap. The Squatty Potty promotes healthier bathroom posture. This simple stool provides a more ergonomic way to take a poo; keeping your feet elevated is supposed to help you move the mail more smoothly. This particular model is adjustable from seven inches for normal adults to nine inches for children. This product may seem silly, and it is, but long-time users can’t imagine going number two without it.

as seen on TV products squatty potty bathroom stool Courtesy of Amazon


2. The Comfy


If you think Snuggies have been buried by the sands of time, you’re right. The Snuggie is out, the Comfy is in. Sorry, not sorry. These wearable, hooded blankets (that you might have seen on Shark Tank) are as popular as ever because they’re oh-so-cozy. The super-soft fleece creates a cozy blanket, and the wearable aspect means you never get cold arms, even when you need to change the channel, use your computer or eat your dinner. All in all, it merges your favorite extra-oversized hoodie with your go-to couch blanket.

The Comfy Courtesy of Amazon


3. Scrub Daddy Sponge Set


The Scrub Daddy sponges blow those dirty, old sponges you’ve been using out of the water. Each sponge is fitted with three different materials, namely FlexTexture to scrub, ResoFoam for suds and ArmorTec to scour. In addition, the sponges come in fun shapes and sizes and can clean better than any sponge you’ve ever had. Ready to be impressed by none other than a sponge? Then you have to check out the Scrub Daddy.

Scrub Daddy Sponge Set Courtesy of Amazon


4. Grip Clean Pumice Hand Cleaner


If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, you might remember the dirt bike riding entrepreneurs who invented Grip Clean, an innovative hand wash for men and women who regularly use oily or sticky DIY products. We’ve featured this tough-as-dirt soap before, and that’s because we’re big fans. Grip Clean contains Bentonite Clay, olive oil, coconut oil and lime oil, which all work together to absorb oils and scrub off other stubborn materials. Plus, it only takes one wash to remove pretty much any substance. Simply apply the soap, lather up for a few minutes and rinse. You’ll end up with clean hands every time.

as seen on TV products grip clean cleaner Courtesy of Amazon


5. The Original Shamwow


Somehow, the Shamwow guy (a.k.a. Vince Offer) has become an enduring piece of popular culture. His dedication to selling his product made us all secretly want to buy a Shamwow. Now, you can actually buy this half towel half sponge directly on Amazon. Use it to clean your car, the floor or the family dog, and then throw it in the washing machine. You’ll wonder why you didn’t bite the bullet to buy this multifunctional shammy years ago.

as seen on TV products the original shamwow shammy Courtesy of Amazon


6. Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler


If you’ve ever dropped your phone or wallet down the gap between your car seat and the center console, you’ll know how difficult it is to recover whatever slips down that pit. Thankfully, the creators of Drop Stop lost one too many things their adult-sized hands couldn’t retrieve. The result is a high-grade neoprene device that fills the seat gap. This one-size-fits-all-cars product slips onto the seat belt buckle and adjusts to the size of your car’s gap, ensuring nothing can fall away from your reach ever again.

as seen on TV products drop stop car seat filler Courtesy of Amazon


7. NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor


If you’ve ever fallen asleep with the TV on, you’ve likely woken up with the feeling that you should really buy a blender. Nutribullet commercials seemingly play on repeat in the wee hours of the morning, but this is one As Seen on TV product you need in your life. The NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor allows users to whip up dips, sauces and smoothies with ease. The stainless steel blades can cut through nuts, seeds and the toughest of skins. Plus, the 24-ounce cup allows you to enjoy your creations on the go.

NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor Courtesy of Amazon


8. Slim Cycle Stationary Bike by Bulbhead


Work on your fitness from home with Bulbhead’s Slim Cycle Stationary Bike that’s practically blowing up on daytime television right now. Why? Because it’s designed to keep you in total comfort as you cycle. It uses a thick, wide seat with support handles so you can push those legs to get that cardio in. Not only does this bike allow you to work on your cardio, but it also builds and sculps muscle in the process due to how the bike is reclined. They say you’ll get twice the results in half the time!

Slim Cycle Stationary Bike by Bulbhead Courtesy of Amazon


9. BEARD KING The Official Beard Bib


There’s one thing all of us with beards hate and it’s the same thing that everyone living with people with beards hate even more: shaving it in that dang sink. Hair just gets EVERYWHERE. Now, you can diminish the amount of hair you have to clean up with BEARD KING’s Official Beard Bib seen on Shark Tank. By attaching around your neck to your wall, the Beard Big captures all of that falling hair collectively in one spot. Sure, you might look ridiculous, but the lack of clean-up makes this puppy worth it.

BEARD KING The Official Beard Bib Courtesy of Amazon


10. Nutrichopper with Fresh-Keeping Container


Chopping can get dangerous, so do it more easily with the Nutrichopper. No matter what you need to get chopping, the Nutrichopper can do it with ease. Red onions? Sure. Apples? Totally. Hard-boiled eggs? Why not? Not only that, but the container at the bottom of the device will keep your chopped items fresher for longer, which is great for those who meal prep. There are four different cutting styles total, depending on your cut preference.

Nutrichopper with Fresh-Keeping Container Courtesy of Amazon


11. The Clapper


Clap on! Clap off! You know the commercial, but have you ever had the pleasure of using The Clapper in your own home? If you don’t have smart plugs attached to all your lamps, The Clapper offers an easy, hands-free way to turn the electricity on and off. Simply clap your hands to turn the plug off, then clap them again to turn it back on. This home hack works especially well with lamps of all types. It’s the original smart home device.

as seen on TV products the clapper Courtesy of Amazon


12. Miracle Blade World Class Knife Set


Unless you watch a lot of late-night infomercials, you might not have heard of the Miracle Blade World Class Knife Set, but you’ll quickly wonder why after reading all the glowing reviews. This 13-piece set is made from sharp and strong stainless steel, and each piece boasts a safe, ergonomic handle. In addition to the fact that the set includes pretty much every cutting tool you’ll ever need in the kitchen, the major selling point for this product is its price. It’s rare to find such a quality and wide-ranging set of kitchen knives at this low price point.

as seen on TV products miracle blade knife set Courtesy of Amazon


13. EGGPOD by Emson Egg


Hard-boiling eggs can be a process. Sometimes you undercook them, other times you overcook them. Only rarely do you get the deed done just right. Thankfully, the EGGPOD works to solve that problem entirely by creating the perfect hard-boiled egg every time. It’s essentially like using a microwave to boil water that steams the eggs. Set the timer on high for 9-minutes and bam, the perfect hard-boiled eggs you’ve ever seen.

EGGPOD by Emson Egg Courtesy of Amazon


14. Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max


Powered by rechargeable batteries, this cordless sweeper aims to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas. It can even slide under furniture (unlike other similar models on the market) to get your floors as clean as possible. Plus, there are no messy inserts or bags to replace, either.

as seen on TV products ontel swivel sweeper Courtesy of Amazon


15. Tipsy Elves Men’s Christmas Sweater


A slight departure from most As Seen on TV products, Tipsy Elves is one of the most successful companies to come out of Shark Tank. This company specializes in creating ugly Christmas sweaters in designs you actually want to wear. For example, the “Ask Your Mom If I’m Real” men’s sweater puts a sexy twist on the classic Christmas character in a well-fitting design. Get one for yourself, and a different design for every person on your shopping list.

as seen on TV products tipsyelves christmas sweater Courtesy of Amazon


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