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This $25 Device Does All The Stirring For You So You Never Have To Touch That Spoon Again

* This device stirs sauces for you
* Features a timer plus back and forth action
* Ideal for big dinners and everyday cooking

Tasty, perfectly cooked sauces can make good dishes can make or break a meal, but many of them demand constant stirring and continuous attention to the stove. This makes them one of the most needy, time-consuming components of a meal, which is especially hard when you’re making a dozen other things as well.

This clever automatic pan stirrer does the work for you, letting your arm rest, and your mind focus on other dishes or aspects of the meal in which you’re preparing. Think of it as your personal sous-chef.

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Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

The device stands in your simmering sauce or liquid, rotating back and forth to ensure even cooking. On the top, it has an integrated timer with 1 to 10 minute settings, and LED lights that count down the remaining time. After it’s done stirring, the device will pulse to let you know it’s finished. This means you can plop it in your sauce, set the timer, and forget about it until it’s done.

It’s ideal for holiday parties like Thanksgiving when you’re making a dozen dishes, talking to your family, and trying to stay sane. If you’re not the head chef of the family, this also makes a great gift for any foodie.