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Game On: There Are No Losers With This Spin-teresting Pint Glass

* Arrow spinner with game activities tacked onto side of pint glass
* Adds levity to libations and makes a great party game
* Classic pint size for beer or your beverage of choice

Let’s be honest: alcohol alone does not always make it a party. Sometimes you need a little bit of entertainment. And if you ask me, lugging logs to play giant Jenga doesn’t really qualify.

But, some mysterious genius has come up with a smart, simple, and much more lightweight way to add some fun to your beer guzzling. The “Spin It To Win It” Pint Glass isn’t just another beer receptacle. It’s an invitation to crank up the levity with your libations.

It’s simple: Flick the arrow spinner on the side of the glass and see where it lands. The glass will show you what to do next, whether it’s 10 push-ups, chugging your brew in 5 seconds or busting a rhyme. This imbibing entertainment guarantees you and your friends are sure to get a laugh.

This glass also enables you to play the perennial favorite Rock, Paper, Scissors. Even more fun, you can create your own ridiculous games to keep you and the gang entertained for hours. In fact, the more ridiculous, the better. Getting the spins from drinking has never been so much fun.

Games aside, this is a perfectly proportioned 16-ounce pint glass. It’s ideal for all your favorite beverages. Just be careful: this pint is made from real glass and needs to be hand-washed (to maintain the game board). Go ahead and get crazy but maybe not too reckless.

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