What’s An Egg Without Accessories? Here Are the Best Big Green Egg Accessories for Grilling This Summer

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Surely by now you’ve heard of the incredibly versatile and uniquely branded grilling machine the Big Green Egg. If you haven’t, I recommend you go check out our feature on the Big Green Egg grill itself. It’s an all-in-one backyard cooker that can grill as well as it can sear, sauté, bake, roast and even smoke. It borrows cooking methodology from the ancient Tandoori ovens of India and the Kamado techniques of Asia, yet gives it an update for the American tradition of barbecue and backyard grilling. Plus, it just looks like something you want in your life, doesn’t it?

The Egg’s dome shape retains heat and moisture and cooks efficiently, using only natural lump carbonized charcoal and all-natural starters that are organic-friendly. Once you taste the difference, you’ll know you’re a converted Egghead who’s ready to strap your grill on your back and head to their annual Eggtober fest event.

Before that, you need the right grilling accessories. One of the biggest selling points of the Egg is its versatility. Its ability to convert between cooking modalities with the greatest of ease rests on an army of cooking utensils, add-on accessories and other tools you’re going to want to keep your Egg company and performing at its best.

We’ve rounded up the best Big Green Egg accessories we could find, with everything from housing units to spatulas, woks and other must-haves if you want to take full advantage of your egg.


1. inEGGrated Nest + Handler for Large EGG

It all starts with Egg’s home, and this intEGGrated Nest + Handler brings together two of their former separate products and combines their strength and stability to give your egg a comfortable, safe place to live. This mobile base has welded joints and a clean look that minimizes the hardware overall and accentuates the distinct shape of the Egg. It has a curved handle that’s large enough for use with two hands and is made of durable powder-coated steel.

integgrated nest + handler for large egg, big green egg accessories, best big green egg accessories Courtesy of Big Green Egg



2. 49-Inch Custom Cooking Island

Give your Egg the custom home it deserves with this custom cooking island that’s designed to fit all of your charcoal, tools and other supplies in one station. It has a convenient heavy-duty sliding shelf that’s made of high-quality aluminum and steel and has a weather-resistant powder-coated finish on the outside. It has stainless steel door pulls, an adjustable height shelf and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Big Green Egg custom cooking island Courtesy of The Big Green Egg



3. Alpha Grillers Heavy Duty BBQ Set

You’re going to need the right tools to produce all of that grilling goodness. This set is comprehensive and each tool is made of extra thick stainless steel that’s sturdy, heavy and can easily skewer and flip with just a flick of the wrist. Each tool has just the right amount of heft to it and contoured handles that are comfortable to hold. The set includes a fork for easy grabbing, a wide-head spatula for flipping, tongs that secure shut to save space and a brush for sauces. These tools work on all grills and will work flawlessly with your Big Green Egg ceramic grill.

Alpha Grillers tool set, big green egg accessories Courtesy of Amazon


4. Big Green Egg Ceramic Chicken Roaster

If you’re a chicken fiend, then the best Big Green Egg accessory for you is this custom chicken roaster. It’s made to be used with the Egg and infuses the meat with flavor and moisture throughout the cooking process. You simply fill it with your favorite liquid from beer to cider or even bourbon, herbs and spices of your choosing, and sit the poultry directly on it until the roast is done. The meat will fall off the bone and you’ll never look at chicken the same way again.

Big Green Egg chicken roaster, big green egg accessories Courtesy of Amazon


5. BBG Future Heat Deflector

This heat deflector is the perfect tool for converting your Big Green Egg into an oven or smoker. It’s made of heavy-duty ceramic and lays down above the grate to circulate the heat and produce the convection experience you need for the perfect pizza crust, delicious bread, moist cookies and flavorful brisket. It also prevents charring and can be used upside-down to increase the distance between the lower cooking racks and heat shield.

BBQ Future Heat Deflector, big green egg accessories Courtesy of Amazon


6. Grill Grate Lifter

Whether you need to shift around the coals or clean off the grate you’ll want a high-quality dependable lifter you can use to protect yourself from the heat. This one’s made of rustproof steel that’s tough, durable and won’t easily deform even with repeated use. The powerful clamps attach to the grill grate and lift it easily. It has a hanging hook built in that can hook onto the Egg’s lower vent door for storage so you won’t lose track of it and it’ll be there when you need it.

Big Green Egg grate lifter, big green egg accessories Courtesy of Amazon



7. Night Light for Big Green Egg

Some of the best Big Green Egg accessories are designed to help you grill after dark. So if you’re grilling after the sun goes down don’t be left in the dark, this Big Green Egg night light will keep your cooking space illuminated so you can stay on track towards deliciousness. It has a rotatable LED light that’s rechargeable via a USB connection. It’s specifically designed to fit around the Big Green Egg handle and is not permanently mounted so you can take it on and off whenever you’d like.

big green egg night light, big green egg accessories Courtesy of Amazon


8. rEGGulator

If you’re interested in grilling, baking or smoking with your Big Green Egg, this rEGGulator is one of the must-have accessories. It has optimal temperature control for your Egg and enables your grill to heat up faster being made of cast iron instead of stainless steel. Open the draft door any amount for air flow and temperature fluctuation before, during or after cooking. The cast iron keeps a more consistent temperature, and avoids grease and oil build up through its design and doesn’t contain any part that will melt at high temperatures. It completely shuts off your Egg when fully closed, is made for all-weather use and can be placed permanently on your Egg without concern of wear and tear over time.


rEGGulator temperature control cap, big green egg accessories Courtesy of Big Green Egg


9. SMOKWARE Vented Chimney Cap

This is another great option for the top of your Big Green Egg, as it’s all about that temperature control. It’s all-weather and very resistant to rusting and breakage even after exposure to the elements. You can confidently cook in the rain or snow, knowing your oven will keep up and not be worse for the wear. It maintains precise temperature regulation through three different tapered vents that work at low and high temperatures. It has a secure fit that won’t fall off when you open your Egg and can be removed easily for cleaning. It fits the medium, large and ex-large egg models.

Vented chimney cap, big green egg accessories Courtesy of Amazon


10. Universal Fit Egg Cover

Lastly, after you invest in your Egg and accompanying accessories, you’re going to want to protect them between uses. This universal Egg cover is made for extra large, large and medium Eggs in Nests and Handlers. It’s made of heavy-duty ventilated and weatherproof material that’ll resist fading even in extreme temperatures. It has a convenient handle for easy on and off and has a hook-and-loop closure for even more protection.

Egg Cover, big green egg accessories Courtesy of Big Green Egg