SPY Guide: The 5 Best Blenders for Your Home Bar

Best Blenders
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* You can make more than just smoothies in a high-performance blender
* Puree food, make a frozen cocktail, or even soup
* Whether you’re looking for less noise or a quicker blend, there’s a blender for you

Whether you’re a daily smoothie drinker or an occasional margarita consumer, a multi-functional blender is an essential device for any home bar or kitchen. Your blender should be large enough for hosting parties and guests, easy to clean, and should have a range of speed settings and pulsing options for different recipes. Here are some of the best blending devices for an excellent spiked slushie or a green smoothie in a pinch.

1. Cosori Personal-Sized Blender

For quick, on-the-go blended beverages, this blender offers a compact size without comprising performance and speed. It’s armed with an 800 watt motor that’s powerful enough to avoid the dreaded “sip and chew” experience, while still being lightweight and convenient. This set comes with two 32 ounce and one 24 ounce BPA-free cups and a travel lid. 

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2. Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja Pro blender may just be the best bang for your buck. This under $100 option is equipped with 1000 watts of performance power and it uses the Ninja proprietary ‘total crushing technology,’ yielding a smooth, even blend whether you’re making a veggie dip, green smoothie, or a margarita in just seconds, according to the manufacturer. Its design is simple and user-friendly. It’s got three different speeds and the option to pulse–which can also be great for baby food or making sauces.

Ninja Blender Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

Blenders can be loud and disruptive, but the experts at Jamba Juice have created one with a “noise shield,” making it significantly quieter than its counterparts according to the product’s glowing reviews. It’s a great alternative for parents with infants or those living in apartment buildings. In addition to multiple speeds and a pulse option, it’s also made of shatterproof, BPA free glass, that can be easily detached and is dishwasher safe.

Jamba Quiet Blender Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Kitchen Aid 5-Speed Diamond Blender

This high-performance diamond blender just so happens to also be one of the cutest we’ve spotted. It comes in 20 different colors from baby pink to retro, glossy red. All aesthetics aside though, it performs pretty well too. It’s got five different speeds and uses Intelli-Speed Motor Control technology to sense food contents and maintain optimal power output. 

Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Blender Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Oster Verse Pro Performance Blender

This high performance blender operates with a 1400 watt motor allowing for smooth results in a shorter time frame. The design is also foolproof–even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t really go wrong. The blender comes with three presets (smoothies, dips, soups) and a changeable dial to customize the speed. It also includes two recipe books and a tamper to help blend more stubborn-to-blend ingredients.

Oster Pro Performance Blender Image courtesy of Amazon

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