Get Perfect Sandwiches Every Time With These Bread Slicers

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While some people buy pre-sliced loaves of bread at the supermarket for added convenience, there’s nothing like a freshly baked, artisan loaf, which often comes unsliced. But once you get home from the store or bakery, getting your bread cut is a difficult task that sounds easier than it is. The same dilemma presents itself if you bake your bread at home. A few jagged, uneven cuts can ruin not just your sandwich slices, but an entire loaf. Additionally, without any guidance, you risk the chance of slicing a finger.

Bread slicers can eliminate these risks, ensuring more uniform slices every time. These slicers come in all forms, shapes and sizes. There are both mechanical, manual, and guiding slicers that come in materials like plastic, wood or bamboo. Plastic might be easier to clean, while wood offers an all-natural, chemical-free alternative. Some have knives built-in or included with the slicer, while others simply provide guidance for you to use your own knife at home.

Certain slicers will accommodate smaller or average-sized bread loaves, while others are better for larger loaves. The adjustability of thickness is an important factor to look at when choosing a bread slicer. While some slicers only have a single slot, more advanced ones will have multiple slots, and customizable ones at that. This will ensure better multi-functionality and versatility, cutting a greater range of loaves. A crumb-catcher is also ideal for avoiding messes.

When searching for the best bread slicer, think about the factors that are most important to you and your lifestyle, while always keeping in mind safety and stability. Check out our well-researched guide below and never struggle with cutting bread again.


1. Bambüsi Bread Slicer Cutting Guide with Knife


Meet your favorite loaf’s new best friend. Nothing comes close to this classic bamboo bread slicer, an unbeatable manual option that ensures even slices every time, with a built-in crumb tray so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess on the counter afterward. It’s a lot less flimsy than other available alternatives and folds up compactly when it’s not being used. Along with coming in at a reasonable price point, this board even comes with a stainless steel bread knife.

Bambüsi Bread Slicer Cutting Guide with Knife Courtesy of Amazon

2. Eon Concepts Bread Slicer


Interested in buying a bread slicer but not sure how much you want to invest in your first one? Consider the Eon Concepts slicer for under $15. It comes with rubber feet so that your slicer doesn’t move around when you’re working with it and can be adjusted to five different thickness levels. The compact model can easily be folded up and stores. Sometimes, fancier isn’t always better, and this slicer is proof of that.

Eon Concepts bread slicer Courtesy of Amazon

3. Zassenhaus Classic Manual Bread Slicer


German brand Zassenhaus is unmatched when it comes to quality and craftsmanship, and the price tag reflects that. This device is made of wood and aluminum and features a serrated, stainless steel blade. Some people might call this model nostalgic, but it works every time and is much more functional than the cheaper versions out there. Whether you’re cutting through a crusty, homemade sourdough or a store-bought loaf, this slicer has your back, cutting through loaves like butter.

Zassenhaus Classic Manual Bread Slicer Courtesy of Amazon

4. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Food Slicer


If manual isn’t your thing, Chefman’s electric bread slicer is perfect for you. With its sharp, built-in blade, it can cut through not only bread, but deli meats, cheese, fruit, and veggies. It may look intimidating at first, but it appropriately sized for most countertops and cabinets, ensuring superbly even slices every time. There’s an easy-to-use on and off switch for added safety. One thing users do note is that the device is a little noisier than your average slicer.

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Food Slicer Courtesy of Amazon

5. Solid Oak Bread and Bagel Slicer


This 17-inch bow-style piece isn’t your average bread slicer — it’s more of a utensil than a full-on machine. But its distinctive shape and ergonomic handle, constructed out of solid oak, can glide through any loaf of bread, letting you customize thickness without working in a pre-set frame. The blade is scalloped, so you never have to worry about a dull blade. While it’s advertised for right-handed folks, one user has a pro tip: “Remove the two screws, turn the blade over and it’s for a left-handed slicer.”

Solid Oak Bread and Bagel Slicer Courtesy of Amazon

6. Fshopping Foldable Slicer


Lacking counter space? This striking red bread slicer can work in tiny kitchens and only requires a cloth and water to be cleaned. Unlike wooden and bamboo materials, this never gets musty or holds onto residue. Reviewers describe it as “heavy-duty and precise” although the cutting guide is made out of plastic. It’s spring-loaded, which holds the loaf in place better than comparably plastic products, allowing you to easily cut more uniform slices.

Fshopping Foldable Slicer Courtesy of Amazon

7. Lifetime Brands Guillotine Bagel Slicer


If you don’t usually have loaves of bread at home but are a bagel or English muffin lover, consider a bagel guillotine. Many people find that this style of cutter smashes bagels better than it does cut them, but this model doesn’t get these complaints. The top shelf is dishwasher safe, while protective finger guards keep your hands safe. Multiple five-star reviews reveal that this product holds up to wear and tear, with one saying, “I have owned 3-4 bagel slicers in the past. This is the best one yet. “

Lifetime Brands Guillotine Bagel Slicer Courtesy of Amazon

8. Kalmar Home French Bread Server, Slicer, and Display Tray


French bread is undeniably delicious but tough to cut in most bread-slicing devices. That’s where this gorgeous Acacia wood piece comes into play. It has an attractive grain and is a three-in-one slicer, server and display tray. You can store it away easily, but won’t want to, given its stylish appearance. For any kind of long bread that doesn’t look like a conventional loaf, this slicer and tray is a must. A functional handmade accessory that you’ll never get tired of looking at.

Kalmar Home French Bread Server, Slicer, and Display Tray Courtesy of Etsy

9. Orblue Serrated Bread Knife


When all the bread slicing devices in the world just don’t cut it — bread pun intended — go back to a trusted classic: the serrated knife. This 8-inch model is less of a behemoth than bigger versions, making it easier to control. It has a razor-sharp serrated blade, and the knife is a continuous piece of stainless steel as opposed to cheaper models that contain screws, plastic, and wood parts that can deteriorate over time.

Orblue Serrated Bread Knife Courtesy of Amazon

10. KUTLER Professional 14-Inch Bread Knife


For a slightly longer blade, opt for KUTLER”s 14-inch bread and cake knife, which is balanced for precise control when slicing. This bread slicer cuts cleanly and with as few crumbs as possible. With the sharpness and length of this serrated option, you can effortlessly cut through stale bread, pineapples and more, making this a multi-tasking kitchen staple that everyone can use. Although one user calls it slightly “big and clunky,” it’s a must for anyone who has a bread machine that makes wider-than-average loaves.

KUTLER Professional 14" Bread Knife Courtesy of Amazon

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