Less Stressing, More Pressing: The Best Burger Presses for Picture-Perfect Patties Every Time

best burger press
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Every burger lover knows a good patty is the key to creating the best burger. Condiments are important, and buns are very important. But without a doubt, the patty is the make or break of the dish. As with most things based on personal preference, the only way to get the patty exactly the way you like it is to make it yourself. That’s where the best burger press comes in.

Many home cooks and BBQers use their hands to shape the patty, but you can’t create perfectly uniformed patties that way. Sure, you could buy store-bought patties, but those are never as good as forming and seasoning them yourself.

Homemade burgers are simply better with a burger press. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Uniformity – We eat with our eyes first, and the presentation of food is what really gets us excited for chowing down. Having precisely shaped, sized and pressed patties improves the overall eating experience and ensures your burgers cook at the same rate.
  • Efficiency – If time is of the essence, then a burger press can help to increase the pace of patty pressing. Some models create multiple patties at once, while others are simply easy to use to make quick work of burger formation.
  • Quality – Now more than ever, people are aiming to achieve restaurant-quality dishes at home. While your favorite burger joint is closed, put your efforts into creating your meaty vice yourself with a burger press. You’re sure to get a lot closer to the desired finish with a press than without one. 
  • Cost-Effective – Pressing your own patties provides the ability to select your own ingredients, which is great for both quality and cost purposes. By knowing the exact price of each ingredient in your patty mix, you can control costs and wastage, which will ensure savings in comparison to buying pre-made, unhealthier alternatives.

When picking the best burger press for you, you’ll need to choose between the two main types. The more common type looks somewhat similar to a waffle iron. Basically, there are two metal or plastic components which push together to press your mixture into a patty.

The other popular type of burger press is a grill press, which is a metal plate with a handle used to press meat once it’s already on the grill. These can be handy if you find your patties expanding too much, and they can help the burger get a nice char on the grill.

We’ve rounded up 21 of the best burger presses, and we’ve included both types of burger press in our list. Some of these can even be used to make stuffed patties, if you’re looking to make your homemade burger feel like a gourmet meal. Not a beef eater? These presses are also great for making veggie burgers and cooking other meats besides beef.

1. Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press


Whether you’re itching to press regular, slider or stuffed burgers, the Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press has got you covered. The simplistic design makes this burger press easy to use despite its multiple outputs. You can select the correct inserts required for pressing based on the size of burger you’re aiming for. In addition, this Cuisinart kitchen tool has a non-stick surface and is dishwasher safe for added convenience. Many burger presses have the capability of producing stuffed and regular patties, but being able to deliver sliders too makes this burger press a must-have for all burger lovers.

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2. Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press


This burger press from Weston is made out of heavy-duty aluminum, meaning it can handle a fair share of abuse compared with plastic presses. The top of the press has a rotating dial that allows you to set the machine to your desired thickness for uniform patties every time. One of the best features of this press is the spring release that ejects the patty, making it easier to remove the patty from the press.

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3. Pure Grill Burger Press


This grill press from Pure Grill is made from sturdy food-grade aluminum, and the stylish and simple design makes it a great gift for any BBQ-lover. The press and base have grooved indents for perfectly pressed burgers, while the large handle makes it easy to apply enough pressure for a flat patty.

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4. Weber Original Burger Press


The clear plastic lid might make this press look more like a CD case, but it’s made by the grilling masters at Weber. The lid fits over the base for mess-free results every time, and since the press is transparent, you can more easily ensure your patties are the desired size every time. The press also creates a dimple, so you can use it to make stuffed burgers as well.

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5. Prepworks by Progressive Perfect Burger Press


This burger press from Prepworks has a removable dimple insert,  which allows you to make stuffed burgers. It’s made from a nonstick plastic material, and the ridges on the press add texture to the patty while ensuring that the patty is easy to remove. The bottom of the base has rubber feet to prevent it from moving while its being used, and the comfortable handle makes it easy to use if you’re making a lot of burgers.

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6. Prepworks by Progressive Perfect Burger Press Set


Many of the presses on our list are designed for preparing one burger at a time, but if you’re planning a big cookout, you may need to be able to press multiple burgers at once. That’s what makes this press a good option. The clear plastic container can be used to press up to 6 burgers at once, and you can also store them in the freezer in the same container. Markings on the side make it easy to decide whether you want to make 1/3 or 1/4 pound patties.

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7. BBQ-Aid Burger Press


This burger press from BBQ-Aid has a rounded handle that makes it easy to grip, and the press and base have a striped design to add texture to your patties. The press is made from porcelain, and the base is made from steel, making this press more sturdy than some plastic options.

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8. Norpro Mini Burger Press


Bite-size burgers make tasty appetizers and are sure to go down a treat at any gathering. With the Norpro Mini Burger Press, you can create six burger patties in one go by applying pressure to the central wooden handle located horizontally across the press. This press is made of non-stick, cast aluminum, making it sturdy and durable. Although it’s likely to be fine in the dishwasher, handwashing is recommended.

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9. Shape+Store Burger Master Burger Press


This burger press from Shape + Stone is the kind of innovative product that you can’t help but wonder why it didn’t exist before. It’s a simple silicone mold with eight honeycomb-shaped cells for placing ground beef, and the lid allows you to securely store it in the freezer. It’s a great option if you regularly host BBQs when you might need to grill a lot of burgers. Plus, the molds can be used for a variety of other foods, too.

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10. Grillaholics Burger Press


This Burger Press for true Grillaholics makes stuffed patty making an easy, three-step process. Simply press, stuff and seal. The press itself is made of BPA-safe plastic and breaks down into three separate pieces for easy cleaning with no small crevices to scrub into. It’s also dishwasher safe, so you can leave the clean up to the machine and focus on your burger eating. Plus, a recipe e-book is included with all orders, too.

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11. Cuisinart Stuff Cast Iron Burger Press


This option from Cuisinart is made from cast iron with a wood handle, making it a durable option that you can use for BBQ season after BBQ season. The press creates an indent in the patty that’s perfect for making burger bowls or stuffed patties.

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12. Burger Iron Burger Press


The circular shape of the Burger Iron Burger Press makes it ideal for use when cooking with a skillet. It measures 6 inches round and features a solid wooden handle across the top to enable a firm press. As this press doesn’t come with a ring to hold the burger sides in shape, it’s ideal for making smasher burgers which are less uniformed. However, you can use the shape of the press itself as a guide to keep your patty burger bun-suited.

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13. Meykers Burger Press


Your burger patties will slide straight out of the press and onto the plate when you use the Meykers Burger Press. It comes complete with 100 non-stick patty papers to ensure the cleanest patty removal, every time. The top of the press has a chunky central handle covered in black grip material to give you a sturdy hold when applying pressure. The tray of the press and bottom of the lid feature grill lines for an authentic BBQ appearance on each and every burger you make.

best burger press meykers patty papers Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Mountain Grillers Burger Press


The Mountain Grillers Burger Press comes in a handy carry bag to make sure you never attend a BBQ without it. Once you’ve made patties with this press, you won’t want to eat any other kind of burger. You can create both regular or stuffed patties, both of which are generously sized for a juicy finish. 40 non-stick papers are included, and the press is made of three easy-to-clean and easy-to-assemble pieces.

mountain grillers burger press Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Kitchen RMore Double Burger Press


Cooking for more than one, but don’t need to feed the entire neighborhood? This burger press form Kitchen RMore makes two burgers at once. The press is made from sturdy aluminum, and it has a horizontal handle to easily apply pressure to the ground beef. Plus, besides making patties, this set includes a kabob and meatball maker, as well as 40 sheets of wax paper.

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16. Cave Tools Burger Press


Burger pressing is achievable for all with the Cave Tools Burger Press. This is a back-to-basics burger press that makes patty pressing as easy as can be. Two hundred non-stick papers are included to ensure your patties can be removed with ease, too. If you prefer slightly thinner burgers, you can use the indicator line engraved into the inner surface of the burger press to know when you’ve loaded enough patty mix for a quarter-pound burger. Alternatively, fill it all the way to the top for a third-pounder.

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17. Cabinahome Burger Press


If you fancy yourself a master of all home cooking, then you’ll be needing the Cainahome Burger Press for your patties. The intricately created mechanism ensures restaurant-quality pressing from the comfort of your own kitchen. All parts of the press are made from food-grade materials. These parts are also designed to be hygienic and easy to clean. Furthermore, the press boasts non-slip feet attached to each corner of the base in order to hold it firmly in place on your counter.

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Also Consider: The Best Grill Presses

In addition to burger press molds, barbecue grill masters also use grill presses. These weighted grill tools serve a few different purposes, and they can help you create the perfect burger. Grill presses help keep your burger patties flat as they cook, which ensures heat is evenly distributed. In addition, many grill presses have markings on the underside to create grill marks on your meat.

Below, you’ll find a selection of our favorite grill presses. When used in combination with burger presses, you really can create the perfect grilled burger.

Lodge Grill Press


You can use the Lodge Grill Press on multiple types of meat, such as steak as well as burger patties. It can also be used in multiple cooking situations, like on the grill, in the oven or over a campfire. It’s made of solid cast iron and measures 6.75 by 4.5 inches, making it big enough to press a burger comfortably. A sturdy spiral handle is located horizontally on the top of the press and is joined to the press on either side of the company’s logo, which is molded into the metal.

lodge pre seasoned cast iron Image courtesy of Amazon


Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Grill Marks Press


If you’re looking for a press that you can use on the grill, then this pick from Charcoal Companion is a good pick. The cast-iron press has a large handle for comfortable holding when wearing gloves. The diameter is 9.1″, so it can comfortably handle even the largest burgers, and it leaves behind great grill marks. You can also use the press for grilling other meats.

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Victoria Cast Iron Burger Grill Press


If you’re looking for an option to use on the grill, this press from Victoria is a great option. It’s made from cast iron, which is prized for its durability. The press is seasoned with Kosher and certified non-GMO-certified flaxseed oil. That means that this press will be ready to use out of the box. It has a wooden handle, which retains less heat, so you can use the press barehanded.

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Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press


If you’re looking for a grill press, consider this option from the perenially reliable Cuisinart. It has a wide rectangular shape that allows you to press multiple patties at once, and the wooden handle gives it a stylish look while making it safe to grab barehanded. The grill plate is made from sturdy cast iron, ensuring it’ll last you BBQ season after BBQ season. Plus, the textured bottom adds appetizing grill marks to your meat.

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