The Best Cheese Board Sets for a Fromage-Filled Holiday Party

best cheese board set
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Whether you’re an experienced dinner party host or are just starting on your path to becoming one, you should never underestimate the importance of the cheese course.

While it’s an acceptable absentee in lighter or daytime meals, if you do decide to delve into a board full of fromage, then you had better commit. After all, put together a limp offering and your guests will surely leave feeling hard done by. But, blow them away with variety, color and a range of flavors, and you’ll keep them coming back forever.

When it comes to putting together your cheese course, there are a couple of essentials. These include a range of delicious cheeses and a board to present them on. Beyond this, there’s a whole host of personal interpretation and preference which comes into play. It’s perfectly acceptable to add plenty of accompaniments, like olives and grapes, or pair your cheeses with crackers and wine if you’re really looking to impress.

To help you hone your cheese course skills, we’ve put together a list of 10 great cheese board choices. We’ve included basic options for simple boards for one or two people as well as grander options for family and friend-sized dinner parties. You’ll also find a few options which make great gifts, too.

1. Bambusi Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set


With space for cheese, biscuits and accompaniments, the Bambusi Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set has everything you need for a cheese course to remember. The cracker groove runs the full length of the square-shaped board, which makes presenting a number of cracker choices simple. You’ll also find a handy pull-out drawer with the included cheese-managing utensils inside. Tools include cutting and serving knives and a cheese fork. The board is also made from a durable bamboo which is water-resistant, making post cheese cleanups extra quick.

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2. Royal Craft Wood Cheese Board


If you’re looking for a well-reviewed and budget-friendly cheese board, the Royal Craft Wood Cheese Board is the choice for you. It features two handy trays for holding crackers and other small items as well as a central stage for placing your range of delicious cheeses. The 100 percent bamboo construction is eco-friendly, tough and durable. In addition, the quality board is available in two different size options and includes handles at either end to make carrying your board simple.

cheese board set bamboo Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Bamboo Cheese Board Smile & Food Serving Tray


The Bamboo Cheese Board Smile & Food Serving Tray includes knives and dipping bowls to ensure your cheese course has everything you could wish for. Whether you want to add some olives, mustard or a range of chutneys, the additional dipping bowls are ideal for delicious accompaniments. The bowls even have their own places in the wooden board, which also includes handles and an extra thick design to provide sturdiness and strength during use.

cheese board set pandpal Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Tramanto Olive Wood Cheese Board and Serving Tray


Available in a range of sizes, the Tramanto Olive Wood Cheese Board and Serving Tray is a versatile option which can be used to serve a range of foods. Whether you need to display a cheese course, charcuterie or a fruit platter, this classy one-piece tray can do the job with style. It’s made from high-quality olive wood which sports a beautifully rustic look, and the nature of production means no two boards look exactly alike.

cheese board set tramanto olive Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Slate Cheese Board and Knife Set


This premium Slate Cheese Board and Knife Set is a stylish answer to your cheese-serving dilemma. It’s constructed from a combination of slate and stainless steel to give it a durable and sturdy build, meaning it’s capable of dealing with all the demands of your cheese-hungry guests. The set also includes stainless steel tools and two soap-stine chalks, so you can write identification notes for your cheeses directly on the board. In addition, the board includes non-scratch bumper feet to protect your surfaces and help keep it in place during use.

cheese board set slate chalk board Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Mariner Cheese Board


No matter whether you regularly set sail on the seven seas or just enjoy watching Pirates of the Caribbean, this Mariner Cheese Board is a fun choice for everyone. The circular design looks just like a boat steering wheel. For smart functionality, four of the individual handles around the outside of the wheel are removable and act as cheese tools. These include a fork, chisel knife, blunt-tipped knife and pointed-tip knife.

cheese board set mariner uncommongoods Image courtesy of UncommonGoods


7. Hosting Elegance 3 Tiered Cheese Board Set


If you love hosting parties with a cheese course included somewhere, make sure you have the handy Hosting Elegance 3 Cheese Board in your party-hosting arsenal. Not only does it minimize the amount of table space needed by working up instead of outward, it also looks professional, giving your guests the impression you really know how to throw a good party. The bottom tier includes a handy pull-out drawer which is used to store the included three-piece cheese tool set.

cheese board set three tier Image courtesy of Amazon


8. State Cheese Boards


Looking for a functional yet exciting gift for your friends or family? How about one of these State-Shaped Cheese Boards? You can choose from all 50 states or alternatively choose a board shaped like the whole of the USA. This board is a great way to celebrate where you’re from or introduce new neighbors to your state. The boards are made in the USA from bamboo which is both durable and renewable. If you can’t decide which state to choose, why not celebrate ‘America’s Dairyland’ and leading cheese producer and pick Wisconsin.

cheese board set state Image courtesy of UncommonGoods


9. Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board


The Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board may appear to have a simple, semi-circular design. But, looks can be deceiving and what you’re actually looking at is a drawer inside an accompaniments board inside a cheese board. The smart design makes the board easier to store and also looks fancy when displayed fully open. In addition, the bamboo board includes four ceramic bowls for your accompaniments as well as three cheese tools which can be stored in the drawer.

cheese board set compact swivel Image courtesy of UncommonGoods


10. Table Grazing Extra Long Cheese Board


At 46-inches long, the Table Grazing Extra Long Cheese Board was made for one thing –– sharing. There’s plenty of space to fit all of your favorite cheeses and accompaniments. Then, once fully loaded, this large board can be placed on the table for everyone to enjoy. You’ll also find one end of the oak wood board sports a handle to keep you in control while transporting it. In addition, the set also includes four matching oak wood cheese tools for a complete real-wood look.

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