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Save Your Food From Drying Out With a Great Chip Clip

If you’re as into snacks as we are (who doesn’t love snacks?) then you end up with all kinds of open food bags. If you want to prevent your food from drying out and going stale, you can use some of the best chip clips.

A great chip clip pinches the bag closed to help prevent air from getting to your food. The tricky part is finding decent chip clip options. It’s hard to know what sizes to get or how strong certain options are. Well, we looked into some of the options and we’ve found plenty of proven strong picks in a variety of sizes and prices.

Thankfully, all of the options offer great utility for not a ton of money, whether you’re using them to close up bags of chips, pretzels, coffee beans or frozen veggies, or just hanging a few lists or photos from the fridge with some magnetic clips.

So if you could use some extra clipping in the kitchen or around the house, check out some of the best chip clips below.


1. House Again Chip Bag Clips


These House Again Chip Bag Clips are overall solid chip clips. They’re made from stainless steel for strength and durability. The mouth can open up to 1.1 inches and the clips are wide enough at 3 inches that they can comfortably slide over most food bags and pinch them tightly.

In a small plus for the user experience, the edges of the clips have silicone so there are no sharp metal edges to pinch your fingers on.

This pack of 12 clips does cost a bit more than cheaper options. But these chip clips will keep just about any food bag pretty tightly closed and the silicone edges ensure a safe experience. Decent price, good clip performance and a thoughtful user feature? The House Again Chip Bag Clips are definitely some of the best chip clips.

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2. Fabsome Clothespins Chip Clips


At the end of the day, you get a pretty good seal on food bags with just a solid pinch in the middle. That’s what you’re guaranteed to get with the Fabsome Clothespins Chip Clips.

For about the same price as some of these other more legit chip clip sets of 12 you get 40 solid, stainless steel, clothespin-style chip clips. That includes 10 large clips and 30 medium clips, so you’ll be able to get a strong pinch on almost any bag.

You won’t be able to use all the clips at once but we’d bet you’ll be able to find a ton of other uses for them around the house.

If you’re looking for a basic food clip solution at a bargain price, the Fabsome Clothespins Chip Clips are the best chip clips for you.

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3. OXO Good Grips Multipurpose Clip Set


We all rely on plastic in our household goods but it can be difficult to identify quality plastic products from bad plastic products. OXO makes quality plastic products and its Good Grips Multipurpose Clips will help keep your food dry and clean up easily if they get dirty.

The set features one big clip for larger food bags, three medium clips for most food and chip bags, three small clips for photos and two bag cinches, which are great for bread bags. All of the clips have magnets on the back too so they’re easy to store on your fridge until you need them and the four larger clips all have holes for hanging.

It would be nicer to have more medium or large chip clips, but the variety will still be useful and OXO’s plastic clips are still some of the best chip clips.

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4. Cook with Color Bag Clips


If you need clips that are a little more multipurpose and modern you might want a more uniform set with magnets for added utility.

The Cook with Color Bag Clips are made from strong plastic with a lasting spring mechanism and they feature a nylon grip that’s soft to the touch. For extra traction and an improved seal, the mouth of the clip has rubber teeth.

You get 10 of these nice-looking, sleek clips in shades of grey and each one has a magnet strong enough to handle a photo or some paper for hanging. If you’re trying to hang something a little heavier, you can always use the loop to hang the clip from something else.

And if you’re not using these clips for food or anything, just put them on the fridge and they’ll always be waiting. If you’re looking for a solid set of magnetic chip clips, the Cook with Color clips will be the best chip clips.

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5. Trendy Cooks Plastic Bag Sealer Clips Sticks


You might not have seen these straw-like chip clips but they can be just effective as conventional chip clips. The Trendy Cooks Plastic Bag Sealer Clips Sticks are long and straw-like with tension to keep them closed. Rather than clip the bag in the middle with a lot of force and hope the bag is fully sealed these clips sticks slide across the folded edge of the chip bag, creating a pinch and seal all the way across the bag.

The upshot is less air entering the bag by sealing more of the points where air could get in.

But because these clips are so skinny they don’t always work well on really thin bags and tend to work better on somewhat thicker food bags.

Even factoring in that caveat, you get 12 of these alternative chip clips in four different sizes to accommodate food bags of any size. Plus they’re easy to toss in a drawer because they’re long and thin.

If you’re looking for a better chance at a full seal of your food bag, then clips sticks might be the best chip clips for you.

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6. Kikkerland Monsters Bag Clips


While a kitchen can be fun and joyful, it can also be cramped and frustrating. But you won’t be able to help from smiling when you see these Kikkerland Monsters Bag Clips.

We can tell you from personal use that they’re not the strongest clips in the world, but they are so colorful and silly-looking that they’re guaranteed to brighten your day or give you a chuckle, if only for a half-second. And we promise they do keep most of the air out, if not as much as some heavier-duty chip clips.

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7. Chip Clip Round Clips


Continuing on the kitchen-ought-to-be-fun line of thinking, nothing says fun more than this pizza-shaped set of eight chip clips. The Chip Clip Round Clips not only come in a pizza set but also an orange citrus and a purple flower set. The clips on that last one are the flower petals, which is super kitschy, but a funny little conversation starter for anyone who walks into your kitchen.

But we should add that these clips are not just for fun. They get the job done to seal your medium-sized food bags and are easily accessible and storable on a kitchen counter. For a more fun set of chip clips, the Chip Clip Round Clips are the best chip clips.

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8. Acco Binder Clips


If you work in an office you may have accumulated a few binder clips over the years. Though they are excellent in binders and for holding paper together, they also make for the best chip clips.

They’re all-metal and designed with plenty of tension for stacks of papers. But that also means they’re able to hold almost any chip bag or food bag closed. They come with natural hooks thanks to the loops and you might already have a few unused ones lying around your home.

But best of all they’re way cheaper per unit than almost any official “chip clip.” I bought one pack of binder clips years ago and between those and a few clips from offices over the years and I’ve never needed another chip clip.

Acco Binder Clips, the medium size, are perfect for most food bags. They’re not too big or small so they can handle the heftier side of the bag spectrum as well as the thinner side of the spectrum. You get two boxes of 12 clips here, which is the second-cheapest option per clip besides the value pick and they work fantastically well.

And if you don’t want to buy new binder clips, you can still repurpose any binder clips you already have. And you should because binder clips make for the best chip clips.

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