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Slurp Up Some N00dz With the Coolest Chopsticks You Can Buy Online

Some chopstick users are professionals who grew up with them, others learned how to use them over time and some, well, some avoid using them whatsoever. No matter where you stand on chopsticks, you have to agree when we say that mastering this utensil is quite the art form in a way that westernized cutlery just can’t mimic. Yeah, forks and spoons are dope, and how could we forget about that conjoined spork? Iconic. But something about eating with your best chopsticks hits different. Have you ever tried to eat sushi with a fork? It feels so wrong.

While you might have only had the opportunity to use disposable chopsticks provided by your favorite local Asian restaurant, you might be surprised to discover that chopsticks are commonly made from various non-disposable materials to reuse over and over again. Bamboo, plastic, stainless steel, wood and even semi-precious stones and metals such as jade, gold and porcelain are commonly used to create chopsticks for reuse.

Chopsticks have been used for centuries to pick up various foods for eating. Historians have even discovered that the utensil has been used prior to the existence of the Shang dynasty, which is completely nuts.

With that being said, chopsticks have had a long life and so far, there’s been no evidence suggesting the use of them is going anywhere. Although we live in a world where fork, spoon and eating with your hands have become the full norm, using a pair of chopsticks to chow down with from time to time is quite fun. If you want to snag a pair for yourself, we’ve found some cool options to consider.

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Disposable vs. Reusable Chopsticks – Which Do You Need?

Before we share the best chopsticks for sale online right now, we need to discuss the trend toward reusable chopsticks. Most westerners primarily use cheap disposable chopsticks provided at restaurants or with takeout orders. However, if you regularly order sushi, Thai food or other Asian dishes, then it may be time to upgrade to reusable chopsticks made from fiberglass or bamboo.

In the same way that eco-conscious young people are ditching single-use plastic forks and spoons for durable metal cutlery sets, reusable chopsticks can offer an eco-friendly alternative to single-use chopsticks. No matter which you prefer, we’ve included options for you below.


1. GLAMFIELDS Fiberglass Alloy Chopsticks


Made from food-safe fiberglass, these alloy chopsticks from GLAMFIELDS are a great 10-pack to have in your household. They’re far more durable than wood and can even stand in temps up to 392℉, meaning you can even use these to grab foods right out of hot oils when cooking. Because they’re so temperature-resistant, these are also completely dishwasher safe. These chopsticks are easy to use for a variety of traditional Asian dishes and will never crack, bend or warp even after consistent use. Additionally, owning a 10-pack is great for when you and your friends order in some takeout and have yourselves a movie night. There’ll be a set for everyone!

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2. Antner 5 Pairs Natural Bamboo Chopsticks


Although bamboo’s one of the most lightweight natural materials ever, it’s three times stronger than timber. Meaning, even if your noodles are 5 pounds each, you can still pick them up properly with these gorgeous natural bamboo chopsticks from Antner. Each pair is ridged at the bottom so no slippery n00dz slide off before getting into your mouth, so pros and beginners can use them together with no problem. They’re decorated using a Japanese minimalist style of artwork at the sticks’ ends with blue and white accents. Each pair is dishwasher safe, but its suggested you keep them away from heat sources like the sun or microwave in order to keep them reusable for longer.

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3. Hiware 12-Pairs Reusable Metal Chopsticks


Ditch your regular reusable chopsticks for these food-grade stainless steel sticks that are both safe and easy to use. Aside from being an uncomplicated eating option, these metal chopsticks are painless to clean. Yeah, they’re dishwasher safe, but foods and liquids slide off of these so easily that handwashing is an effortless choice to make. The sticks are made hollow which in turn helps resist deformation due to heating, so not only can you eat with these, but you can cook with them too. The only downfall we’ve found when using stainless steel chopsticks is that for some, they’re a bit harder to use. We don’t suggest metal chopsticks for beginners because food tends to slide off a bit more, making them quite annoying for those trying to learn how to use them.

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4. Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks


If you’ve ever eaten out our gotten takeout at a local Asian restaurant, you know these babies all too well. Disposable chopsticks are a useful one-hit-wonder kind of an option that allows for quick, delicious eats and zero cleaning. These sticks are made from premium bamboo so they won’t break as you’re chowing down. They’re also super convenient because you’ll never have to worry if your favorite pair of chopsticks are clean and ready to use, simply head into your pantry, grab yourself a new pair each time and snack on. These are used in upscale Japanese, Chinese and Korean restaurants worldwide, so we’re certain they’re good enough to use at home.

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5. MFJUNS 5-Pairs Set of Chopsticks


While really all of these chopstick sets could work as a gift set (well, minus the disposables), we love how these minimalist wood chopsticks look wrapped in festive paper or stuffed in a stocking with a bow around the box. Each pair is uniquely colored differently from the one sitting next to it. The chopsticks are made from natural beech, Indonesian iron knife wood, sandalwood and pearwood and then are naturally raw painted to get these gorgeous colors. The chopsticks are made to be corrosion and mildew-free to ensure safe eats for children and adults time and time again.

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6. Plum Garden Learning Chopstick Helper


Learning how to use chopsticks can be hard. That being said, teaching the art to a toddler comes with a lot of practice and patience for them to eventually get right. We suggest starting your tyke off with these cutely colored, animal-themed chopsticks for kids. Each pair has an ergonomic shape to help your kid eat and learn how to use this utensil independently. The chopsticks each have an animal on top, being a flamingo, panda, elephant or giraffe, so your child can pick their favorite when eating their meal. As your little one becomes more familiar with the chopsticks, remove the top animal and finger loops to separate the sticks the way regular chopsticks are made to be. They’ll become a pro in no time!

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7. Reusable Chopsticks & Spoon Travel Set


Lots of us nowadays are ditching the planes and packing up the cars to explore our home turf a little more than we normally would. You know, just pandemic things. If you’re on the road right now, grab yourself this reusable chopstick and spoon set when eating your favorite dishes on the go. Whether you’re stopping inside a local Asian restaurant or cooking your favorite recipes from your Airbnb, this is a great set to keep in your backpack. Because, well, you never really know when you’re going to get your hands on some A1 Asian grub.

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Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


8. Chinese Stone Chopsticks Set


It doesn’t get much prettier than these. This Henan jade stone chopstick set looks carved by the gods and will really put an elegant spin on your next Chinese takeout night. Coming in a decorative silk red box, these sticks make for a lovely gift Asian cuisine lovers will totally enjoy. The set also comes along with 6 carved jade turtles for a little bit of an extra surprise. Keep these in your china cabinet and break them out for special occasions or throw them in your utensil drawer for constant use. These aren’t the easiest to eat with, though. Like the stainless steel sticks mentioned up top, these can get a bit slippery, so we don’t suggest these for first-time users.

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9. Light Up Chopstick Set


Add a little bit of light to your cuisine with these light-up chopsticks that look straight out of a 90s Toys R Us catalog. These sticks are made from both plastic and metal and have eight different light-up variations to spice up your meal a bit. Because they’re plastic, we recommend not using these sticks for cooking, unless you want to ruin your chopsticks and ingest plastic, that is. Additionally, they aren’t dishwasher safe, so handwash these bad boys instead. Although they are seemingly a bit more annoying to take care of, these light-up sticks will make eating Asian cuisine even more fun than it already is. Whoever said you can’t play with your food?

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10. Milk Street Pingto Bamboo Chopstick Set


This extra-fun six-piecer is the perfect modern chopstick staple to add to your dining set. These colored pencil-looking chopsticks come straight from Japan and are made from an extremely durable bamboo to be used again and again. They are the perfect width and height for eating and make grabbing foods a breeze. Use them beyond the dinner table for stirring cocktails, stirring batters for baking and frying foods.

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