The Best Cloth Napkins for Planning an Elegant Dinner Party in 2021

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Courtesy of Magic Linen

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There’s a lot that goes into the perfect dining scene. There’s the food, of course. But the food is like paint, and that paint requires a canvas.

When planning said canvas, you are probably considering table settings first and foremost. Servingware, dishes, utensils, wine glasses, etc. But what about that wisp of cloth that pulls it all together?

We’re not talking about the table cloth — though that matters too! — but a set of cloth napkins. Nothing says ruined presentation like using paper napkins or towels with your best dishes. Cloth napkins maintain the style, pull the whole look together, and create a beautiful balance for the entire scene.

Whether going for color, pattern, or texture, you’ll want napkins that work with your dinner scene and do not distract from it. There are some great ways to go with this!

1. Magic Linen Natural Linen Napkins


There was a brief time not too long ago that folks thought linen was a fabric that was off-limits. Once reserved for the fanciest of folks due to its high price and luxury feel, linen was a once fundamental fabric left out of the closets baring its namesake. Not anymore. Whereas linen is still a solid and resilient fabric that looks and feels great, it has become more accessible than ever thanks to brands such as Brooklinen, Parachute and Magic Linen. Sure, you’re going to pay more than you would for a cotton-poly blend bunch of 12, but as those get worse for wear, and you’ll likely need to buy more this time next year, those you get that are made of linen will only look and feel better use after use after use.

magic linen striped napkin Courtesy of Magic Linen

2. Utopia Kitchen Cloth Napkins


If you are looking for an option for a much larger party, this polyester napkin set comes in a 24-pack. Due to the material, it is resistant to stains and very durable, and can just be thrown in the wash when you are done — all you really want when getting together several dozen people for a party. They also come in several different color options, from classic white to colors that would be perfect for an event like a baby shower, like pink or blue, giving you tons of great alternatives.

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Utopia Brand Napkins Courtesy of Amazon

3. Williams Sonoma Pantry Napkins


This set of six napkins is made of machine-washable cotton and can even be thrown in the dryer. It’s available in a few neutral color options — navy, white and off-white — meaning it’ll fit an array of themes and styles, even if you aren’t quite sure what the tone in the space will end up being or choose to upgrade that style.

Williams Sonoma Pantry Napkins Williams Sonoma

4. Sferra Festival Table Napkins


This set of four white linens is timeless and elegant and will work on any night, from a casual Sunday night to a Christmas dinner with the whole family. A classic weave with a hand-thread-drawn hemstitch and mitered corners, this is simple elegance at its very finest, and it’ll show in your guests’ impressed faces at dinner.

SFERRA Festival Decorative Dinner Napkins Amazon

5. Cieltown Polyester Cloth Napkins


This set of 12 napkins is excellent in its value and versatility. It’s made from a long-lasting polyester that is machine washable, and comes in a bunch of color options and even has two sizes to choose from. Because these are made from polyester, they are wrinkle-resistant, and most stains will come out in the laundry (such a blessing if you don’t want to replace the set any time soon!), and with all those style options, you are sure to find one that fits your style.

Cieltown Polyester Cloth Napkins Amazon

6. VEEYOO Cloth Napkins


These polyester napkins come in a set of 12 and are available in 30 color options. Whether your style leans toward classic shades like black and white or more unique colors like aqua blue, there’ll be a fit for your look. The hemmed edges make these rather classic and seemingly basic napkins have a more elegant feel, and when you are done using them, toss them in for a wash and dry.

VEEYOO Cloth Napkins Amazon

7. Meema Cotton Napkins


Whether you are looking for napkins that are kind to the environment or just those that tell an exciting story, this set of four upcycled napkins from Meema will rise to the occasion. Diverted from landfills and reimagined as a denim-cotton blend, they have a lightweight feel and a soft texture that in no way belies their backstory! It’s a very farm-type feel, and whether or not you are going for a Pioneer Woman type of dinner theme, you’ll know in the evening you made a good choice for the environment but kept things looking good the whole time.

Meema Cotton Napkins Amazon

8. Urban Villa Chambray Dinner Napkins


This set of 12 cloth napkins is cotton with a denim finish, giving it an outdoorsy feel ideal for a picnic or a cookout. There’s lots of versatility here, with well over a dozen color options, and safe to throw in the washer and dryer when the dinner party is done. Easy to maintain and with so many ways to go as far as style, this is the perfect everyday dinner napkin we’ve been looking for.

Urban Villa Chambray Dinner Napkins Amazon

9. Your Chair Covers Satin Cloth Napkins


How fun would it be if your dinner napkins themselves added some shimmer and glamour to the party? This set of 10 satin woven napkins is glossy, shimmery, and undeniably sassy. There are over two dozen color options and pattern choices, but whatever color and pattern meets your aesthetic, it’s going to be luxurious. An added benefit is though this is a satin weave, the napkins are made of polyester, which means they are easy to clean and are resistant to stains and wrinkles.

Your Chair Covers Satin Cloth Napkins Amazon

10. Aunti Em’s Kitchen Red Cotton Dinner Napkins


Nothing says a festive holiday dinner like a pop of red, and these napkins are more than a pretty color. They are made of natural renewable cotton that is very absorbent, so they’ll survive the occasional spill of egg nog or red wine. A set of 12 will be ideal for a larger dinner party or just getting together the whole extended family.

Aunti Em’s Kitchen Red Cotton Dinner Napkins Amazon


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