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6 Crazy Drink Coasters That’ll Definitely Have You Saying Cheers

* Protect your furniture from liquid stains without resorting to generic coasters
* From throwback vinyl to superfan merch, there’s a coaster for your personality
* Ideal for casual entertaining or your home bar

The idea of using a coaster to protect your furniture or pricey marble countertop from permanent liquid stains may seem mundane to the point of being deathly boring, but does it have to be? From Game of Thrones house sigils to a steampunk worthy “typewriter,” there are more ways than one to express yourself through a little 4-inch disc, like these six crazy drink coasters below.

1. Record Coaster Set

Sure to be a conversation starter at your next party, these vinyl record-inspired coasters are a true throwback to the halcyon days of analog and 80s. Take these out for your next Bowie-themed gathering or 80s throwback night.


2. Cactus Coasters

For black thumbs and green thumbs alike, this six-piece coaster set assembles to become a “cactus,” with a petite ceramic pot as its holder. Notched slits allow you to slide the discs together to form your own unique plant.


3. Typewriter Coaster Set

With coasters fashioned to look like antique typewriter keys and a holder that looks like the body, this antiqued, distressed metal set is charming enough to leave out on display. Backed with non-slip rubber.


4. Pallet Coasters

Industrial-chic gets literal with these miniature wood pallets. The raised design and sturdy construction means there will definitely be no damage to your furniture from hot or cold beverages.


5. Kilim Coasters

Add a bit of gypsy-boho style to your home bar with these wool kilim coasters, each one unique and unlike the others in the set. Vinyl backing keeps them securely in place. They wipe down easily with a cloth for easy clean-up.


6. Game of Thrones Wax Seal

For all the Game of Thrones superfans, pay your respects to the most powerful houses of Westeros with these silicone coasters molded in the shape of wax seals.

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