The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Kitchen? Get a New Dish Towel

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There are three types of people in this world. There are those who hang their dish towels across the handle of their oven or refrigerator. Then, there are those who have a specially installed hook for hanging up the dish towel, or those who (gasp!) leave it laying on the kitchen counter, table or chairs. Whichever type of kitchen towel user you are, you still need the best dish towels for your home.

If you haven’t replaced your kitchen towels in a while, it’s time. Think about how many times a day you come into contact with your dish towel. You use it to dry your hands, clean up spills, move hot pots and dry your dishes. That makes your dish towel one of the most contacted items in your home, so they should be washed and replaced regularly for sanitary reasons. 

A quick Google search reveals a huge variety of kitchen towels available right now. From the best decorative dish towels to the best funny dish towels, there’s really something for everyone. But, when you buy your next set of dish towels, you’ll need to consider the material they are made of. No matter the design, this is the single most important factor when purchasing dish towels. The most common materials include:

  • Cotton – This is the OG of dish towels. Cotton looks and feels good and is semi-absorbent, making it the most traditional choice.
  • Microfiber – The second most popular material for dish towels is microfiber. That’s because microfiber towels can hold up to six times their weight in water. It’s also great for polishing watermarks out of dishes.
  • Bamboo – The newest material on the block, bamboo fiber dish towels are antibacterial and antimicrobial, two important properties in the kitchen.
  • Flour Sack – Slightly thinner than the other materials, flour sack dish towels are popular among novelty products because they are an easy canvas for screen printing. But, flour sack does have advantages in the kitchen as it’s great for polishing glassware.

No matter whether you’re looking for the best decorative dish towels, the best practical dish towels or the best funny dish towels, we have you covered. Scroll through the 15 best kitchen towels below and find the right one for you.


1. Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels


The reviews of the Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels speak for themselves. More than 12,000 people have purchased these towels, and 4.6 out of every five people give them full marks. This set comes with 15 ultra-absorbent, lint-free towels in a classic blue and white design that will match most kitchen styles.

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2. Primitives by Kathy Rustic Dish Towel


What’s better than cute dog home decor? Cute dog home decor that references the best 80s music. This 28-inch square dish towel is printed with distressed art for a more rustic look and is made from cotton for durability and softness. Three other pet-inspired designs are also available.

dish towels primitives by kathy rustic Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Franco Kitchen Cotton Dish Towels


Bold prints and vibrant colors transform boring kitchen towels into decorative pieces that add to your interior design style. These Franco Kitchen Cotton Dish Towels definitely do just that. This set of four towels is made from thick cotton fabric for absorbing all your messes, yet the bright, green leaves and garden accents mean they’ll stand out wherever you display them.

dish towels franco designers Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Honey Dew Gifts Inappropriate Kitchen Towels


Funny dish towels say what you’re thinking even when you can’t. And, if you’re thinking that housework, especially cooking and doing the dishes, is a waste of time, this is the right towel for you. Man or woman, we’ve all slacked on our chores from time to time, and guess what? The house didn’t fall apart, and we all had a better day than if we had been slaving away at the kitchen sink.

dish towels honey dew gifts funny innapropriate Image courtesy of Amazon


5. KAF Home Pantry Pineapple Kitchen Dish Towel Set


Most decorative dish towel sets come with four to six matching towels. But, the KAF Home Pantry Pineapple Kitchen Dish Towel Set shakes things up a bit. Each towel has a different print. Some have just stripes, and one features a pineapple. But, they all boast the same color scheme of yellow, grey and white to keep a cohesive theme. As an added bonus, these yarn-dyed towels each boast a sewn-in hanging loop.

kaf home pantry pineapple kitchen towel Image courtesy of Amazon


6. The Beer Lover’s Tea Towel by Stuart Gardiner


Ever wanted a beer cheat sheet? That’s exactly what The Beer Lover’s Tea Towel by Stuart Gardiner is. This novelty dish towel is made from soft cotton and features just about everything you need to know about beer in its 29 by 19 inches, from the beer-making process to which glass to use with which beer. Naturally, this made-in-the-UK towel would make a great gift for the beer lover in your life.

stuart gardiner the beer lovers tea towel Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods


7. Moonlight Makers Funny Dish Towel


Calling all cheese lovers! This is definitely the kitchen towel for you. Not only will it make you want a delicious brie every time you see it, but the design also ensures you’ll constantly have “Sweet Dreams” stuck in your head. And, if that’s not enough to convince you to buy this kitchen towel, perhaps you’d be interested in the fact that this flour sack towel is handmade at an artist’s studio in Asheville, NC.

moonlightmakers funny dish towels Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Charlton Home Assorted Dish Cloth Set


Available in eight colors, from nautical blue to mustard yellow, the Charlton Home Assorted Dish Cloth Set is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. The bold colors stand out against dreary, monotone kitchen appliances. Each of the five included jacquard weave towels has a different pattern. Keep in mind that you’ll need to wash these towels before the first use.

charlton home nautical blue assorted dish cloth Image courtesy of Wayfair


9. Hyer Kitchen Microfiber Kitchen Towels


Most reviews of kitchen towels focus on their absorbency. Many brands fall short of users’ expectations, but that’s certainly not the case with the Hyer Kitchen Microfiber Kitchen Towels. This set of eight white and grey towels is made from microfiber, a material that can absorb up to six times its weight in water. That’s a lot of drying power in a little package.

hyer kitchen microfiber kitchen towels Image courtesy of Amazon


10. UncommonGoods State Dish Towel


From Alabama to Wyoming, we’re all proud of our home state. Now you can show off that pride with an UncommonGoods State Dish Towel. Each of these 100% cotton dish towels is silkscreened with a print showing off your chosen state’s landmarks and important features. Then, the towel is completed with a hand-embroidered border. While these towels may be more decorative than useful, they do make great gifts.

state dish towel Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods


11. UncommonGoods Mexican Kitchen Towels


Brighten up your kitchen with the UncommonGoods Mexican Kitchen Towels. This set of four dish towels are so multi-functional, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them. They’re absorbent enough to dry dishes, yet light enough to be used around tortillas or bread you want to keep warm. You can even use them as napkins or placemats in a pinch. The woven towels each measure 24 by 18 inches.

mexican kitchen towels Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods


12. KLL Funny Kitchen Towels


If you love a good pun, you need to check out the KLL Funny Kitchen Towels. This set of four takes cringy jokes to a whole new level, riffing on bacon, tacos, jam and bundt cake. Each of the dish towels measures 16 by 23 inches and boasts a slightly waffled, microfiber design. Use them in your own kitchen or gift them to your favorite jokester.

kll funny kitchen towels Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Hawkins New York Essential Waffle Dish Towel


Designed by Hawkins New York, a company known for combining aesthetics with functionality, the Essential Waffle Dish Towels are a happy compromise between soft-to-touch cotton and absorbency. Rather than use sometimes itchy microfiber, these towels utilize a waffle design, which helps the cotton to pick up more water than it would otherwise. Plus, the subtle yet eye-catching colors will surely add to your kitchen design.

hawkins new york essential waffle dish towel Image courtesy of Food52


14. Sultana Luxury Linens Turkish Hand Towels Set


Turkish towels have become increasingly popular at the spa and at the beach, but they’ve yet to really take off in the kitchen — until now. Be a trendsetter with the Sultana Luxury Linens Turkish Hand Towels Set. The 100% organic cotton towels are lightweight, yet their long fibers are highly absorbent and quick drying.

sultana luxury linens Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Five Two Essential Kitchen Towels


Although they are the most expensive dish towels on our list, the Five Two Essential Kitchen Towels are worth every penny. Our favorite thing about these towels is that the set comes with towels featuring two different weaves. One weave is a quick-drying flour sack design for dish drying and light cleaning, while the other one is an ultra-absorbent, thicker towel for cleaning up messes and moving hot dishes.

five two essential kitchen towels Image courtesy of Food52


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