Skip the Mess with a Durable and Disposable Roasting Pan

Disposable Roasting Pan
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Whether your cooking style is more Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver or better suited to following YouTube tutorials and praying for a miracle, one thing cooks of all levels and abilities can agree on is that a kitchen is a place where messiness happens. The bigger the meal, the bigger the mess, which is why we like to use disposable roasting pans when it comes to entertaining a crowd. That, and days when we’re just not up to the soak, scrub, soak, scrub-repeat that is necessary to clean our roasting pan.

Disposable roasting pans are great for making multiple dishes at once. We like to keep a supply of disposable roasting pans in the pantry for times when our meal prep begins with us realizing that all the containers we need are currently in the fridge or freezer holding other meals. Don’t throw out that mac and cheese you’re saving. Instead, use a disposable roasting pan.

We also like disposable roasting pans for times when we need to bring a dish to a group event. Worried you won’t get your expensive container back from the potluck at your office? Disposable roasting pan to the rescue! Want to send leftovers home with a friend who may not remember to return your dish? You guessed it — disposable roasting pans! Whether you’re CWT (cooking while traveling) and don’t have access to your own dishes, want to skip the messy cleanup, or you’re trying to avoid losing your expensive containers, disposable roasting pans are one of our favorite secret weapons in the kitchen.


1. Reynolds Disposable Roasting Pans

Need a pan that can handle a heavy meal like a of pasta or layers of lasagna? Try the Reynolds Disposable Roasting Pans, which comes in “giant size.” The three-pack of pans measure 12” x 12” x 4” and are deep enough to avoid spills. For entertaining a large group, be it holidays, summer parties, birthdays or otherwise, it’s tough to go wrong with this extra large roasting pan from Reynolds.

Pros: The Reynolds pans’ have a blue exterior, which is an attractive alternative to the regular silver.

Cons: The Reynolds pans do not come with a lid and aren’t non-stick, so they’re not ideal for use with dessert dishes.

reynolds disposable roasting pan Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Reynolds Bakeware Disposable Broiler Pan

If you’re makin’ bacon then bake it with the Reynolds Bakeware Disposable Broiler Pan, which is designed for high heat and is perfect for broiling bacon and sausage (pro tip — baking your bacon means your entire home won’t smell like meat for a week). Like the MontoPack, the Reynolds’ Broiler pans are also recyclable.

Pros: The aluminum Reynolds broiler pans are designed with a two-layer absorbent liner that helps to trap the grease away from the meat, which makes for a better tasting meal and easy clean-up.

Cons: A 11” x 8”, the Reynolds broiler pans are much smaller than the Reynolds disposable pans.

Reynolds Bakeware Disposable Broiler Pan Image courtesy of Amazon


3. MontoPack Half-Size Roasting Pans

Easy to carry and easy to display, the 30 pack of MontoPack Half-Size Roasting Pans come with wide handles that fit perfectly over a chafing stand. Made with heavy-duty 35-gauge aluminum, these pans are extra-thick and ideal for baking meat, vegetables, and pasta.

Pros: The MontoPack pans are the most environmentally-friendly option on our list, with each pan safe for re-use and made with fully bio-degradable aluminum that can be recycled.

Cons: The MontoPack pans aren’t non-stick and don’t have the same weight capacity as the Reynolds Disposable Roasting Pans.

MontoPack Half-Size Roasting Pans Image courtesy of Amazon