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The 11 Best Dutch Ovens for Easy Feast Prep No Matter the Occasion

If you had to award one piece of kitchen cookware the title of the handiest for preparing a range of different meals, it’s hard to look beyond the best Dutch oven. These kitchen workhorses barely know their own bounds, and no matter whether you’re cooking soup on the stove, braising meats in the oven or even creating a stew over the campfire, this trusty pot will be right with you all the way.

What makes the best Dutch ovens so special? It’s a good question, and one with several answers. Some of the best reasons to add a Dutch oven to your home include:

  • Versatility – The number one reason to add a Dutch oven to your kitchen setup is definitely their versatility. These nearly all-in-one kitchen pots can be used to create pasta, soups, braises, bread and many other meal types, too. Plus, the tough pots can be used with a variety of cooking surfaces, including stoves, ovens, grills and even campfires. Furthermore, they also make storing, marinating, presenting and even transporting food simple, too.
  • Durability – As most Dutch ovens are made from super-tough cast iron, you can be sure they’re going to be around for a long time. This durable and sturdy build quality also gives you confidence when transporting the pot between heat sources. It also works to create a more even heat spread for cooking food when compared with average pots and pans. Note: One minor drawback to Dutch ovens is that, in general, they can’t be put in a dishwasher.
  • Taste/Seasoning – In addition to the durability mentioned above, cast iron can also be seasoned to provide more flavorful dishes. Depending on the model you choose, it’ll either come pre-seasoned, or you’ll be able to season it yourself using your choice of oil. What’s even better is this seasoning only improves with every use of the pot. However, keep in mind that some Dutch ovens are now covered in enamel, and these particular models won’t provide seasoning.
  • Style – Think of a classical grand kitchen, and it’s likely the cookware item sitting center stage is a Dutch oven. While relatively simple in appearance, their long-standing reputation and imposing look mean any “real” kitchen just has to have one.

So, if you don’t already own one of these kitchen magicians, or are simply on the hunt for a bigger and better model, scroll down to discover the 11 best Dutch ovens available. We’ve included a range of shapes and sizes to ensure there’s a choice to please every household.

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1. Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven


With a cast-iron construction that arrives at your home pre-seasoned, it’s little wonder the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven takes the top spot on our list. The pot is seasoned using 100% vegetable oil to give you a head start against the competition and to ensure that whether you are oven baking or stove-cooking your food, the results will taste great. And, that’ll only get better with time. Furthermore, this all-black Dutch oven includes looped handles on either end as well as a loop handle on the lid for a more reliable and comfortable hold during use.

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Courtesy of Target


2. AmazonBasics Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven


At just OVER $60 and with over 14,000 five-star reviews, we’re confident in declaring the AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven the best choice for anyone on a tight budget. This well-loved piece of kitchenware is available in a range of sizes from 4.3 to 7.5 quarts, each of which includes handles on the lid and either end for easier maneuverability during use. Furthermore, the hand wash-only cookware is also oven-safe to 400 degrees and comes in four different colors, although some users may find the bright green, blue and red a little garish for their taste.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. Caraway Dutch Oven


If you have a partner or friend who treasures every moment spent in the kitchen, there’s no way they won’t appreciate the gorgeously crafted Caraway as a gift. This excellently-reviewed kitchen cookware staple is available in a slew of colors and is completely no-stick. The fancy Dutch oven also includes several handy additions, including large handles, a lid handle and the ability to cook on top of induction, gas and electric stoves.

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Courtesy of Caraway


4. Legend Cast Iron Dutch Oven


This Dutch oven is Legend by name and legend by Amazon user reviews. With positive reviews from over 95% of Amazon users, the Legend Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a solid and reliable choice. For added user-friendliness, the pot and lid both sport double handles, making it far easier to remove the lid and move the pot during use on the stove or in the oven. Additionally, the set comes with two removable, silicone, heat-safe grippers to further provide a pleasant and safe experience as you create your culinary delights. And, as an added bonus, this pot arrives with a foundational seasoning of 100% vegetable oil to really get the flavors flowing.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Best Choice Products Ceramic Cast Iron Dutch Oven


On the inside of the Best Choice Products Ceramic Cast Iron Dutch Oven’s lid, you’ll find small bumps to help prevent moisture loss and return it into your food. This makes this Dutch oven a great choice for chefs who strive for moist products. The pot itself includes everything you’d expect, including a non-stick interior, a heavy-duty construction and a large, six-quart capacity which should suffice for the average household. For the more aesthetically inclined, this piece is available in four colors, namely red, orange, grey and blue.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Overmont Camp Dutch Oven


Dutch ovens are truly a versatile piece of kitchenware, and perhaps none more so than this Overmont Camp Dutch Oven. This camping-capable cooking pot includes three integrated legs to help keep the Dutch oven slightly raised on the heat source as well as a built-in handle to make hanging the pot simple. These additions make it more than capable of coming with you on camping trips. But don’t worry, this piece is still great for use with more traditional heat sources, like stoves and ovens.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Great Jones Dutchess Dutch Oven


Get everything you want and more out of your Dutch oven with this striking, enameled option that will look stellar in your oven and on your stovetop. It’s oval-shaped and keeps contents extra moist with a super-snug lid. It doubles as a roasting pan for those of you that like a two-for-one and it even has spacious handles large enough for a four-finger grip. Last but not least? The Dutchess is 100% dishwasher safe, so feel free to throw it in with the rest of your dishes.

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Courtesy of Great Jones


8. Puricon Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven


The Puricon Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven ticks all the boxes. To start with, it comes recommended by over 85% of Amazon users who have invested in the pot. Function-wise, the cookware includes a tight-fitting lid to prevent moisture from escaping, extra-wide handles for more comfortable transportation during use and the ability to withstand oven temperatures up to an impressive 540 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, this multi-surface cooking pot is available in either red, blue or black.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Crock Pot Artisan Round Dutch Oven


As the name suggests, the Crock Pot Artisan Round Dutch Oven is round. This makes it more practical if you need your cookware to share a stove with other pots or pans. It includes a non-stick interior which keeps food from sticking to the side and makes the post-cooking, hand wash-only, clean-up a lot easier, too. The self-basting hood keeps the moisture where you want it and prevents its escape. Furthermore, the pot is available in 12 different colors. This includes a number of pastel styles that are better suited to a less imposing kitchen addition.

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Courtesy of Amazon


10. Le Creuset Enameled Signature Oval Dutch Oven


The Le Creuset name goes hand-in-hand with high-quality kitchen cookware, and the Le Creuset Enameled Signature Oval Dutch Oven is no exception to this rule. While it is the most expensive option on the list, this stylish piece oozes class. This includes Le Creuset’s recognizable aesthetic as well as functional elements, such as handles that are 45% larger for easy oven mitt gripping and a composite knob that can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, as the dish is available in almost every color, you’re sure to be able to find one to match your kitchen interiors.

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Image courtesy of Le Creuset


11. Camp Chef Square Dutch Oven


Don’t get it twisted, not every Dutch oven needs to be circular or ovular, just check out this square Dutch oven from Camp Chef and get a load of what we’re talking about. This 23-pounder holds 8 whole quarts of whatever and is 13-inches in size, meaning you can cook a mean meal within. The lid is reversible and features raised ridges for grilling purposes. So, whether you’re making stew or grilling chicken, this should be your go-to.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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