The 12 Best Energy Drinks You Can Order on Amazon

best sugar free energy drinks
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For many, consuming energy-filled drinks has become an ever-present part of day-to-day life. Coffee’s taste isn’t for everyone and given its potentially time-consuming production, having a selection of these ready-to-go energy drinks in your refrigerator is a great energy-boosting and thirst-quenching alternative. Plus, as these beverages are also sugar-free, it will help you to stay healthier, too. 

Sugar-free energy drink choices are in abundance, so there’s always an option for every taste preference and no excuse for indulging in less healthy alternatives. Outside of elevating energy, sugar-free energy drinks offer many other benefits over their sugar-filled competition. All in all, these beverages might be the daily dose of goodness you’ve been searching for. 

Here are some of the beneficial factors you may want to consider when opting for a more natural energy drink:

  • Increased Energy – A sugar rush is short-lived. It’s a one-extreme-to-the-other experience. For improved mental focus, energy and productivity levels, you may find cutting sugar from your diet and fueling your brain with healthy vitamins and natural caffeine sources is the way to go. This will encourage a consistent, more effective mindset and slowly provide energy throughout your day.
  • Weight Loss – Opting for sugar-free products can aid weight loss and may support a healthy metabolism. Refined sugars from processed foods and carbohydrates can lead to increased levels of sugar in your system, which in turn become stored as fats. Drinking sugar-free energy drinks is a handy way to avoid excess sugar and unwanted fat.
  • Control Hunger – Sugary drinks make you feel hungrier and can make you feel like you need to eat before you really do. Sugar-free drinks help to prolong nutrient stores, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Lower Risk of Illness – Sugar often works against your immune system rather than with it. There are few positives to eating sugar, other than a short term taste and energy fix. A sugar-free diet helps to promote a healthy body and can lower your risk of illness.
  • Dental Health – Similarly to your internal body mechanics, sugar works against your dental health, and, although brushing your teeth helps to counteract this, a better approach is to eliminate excess sugar from your diet where possible.
  • Skin Appearance – A sugar-free diet may result in looking younger, feeling better and less premature wrinkles. Conversely, a diet filled with sugar can result in saggier skin and an older-than-your-years appearance. 

Aside from the health benefits mentioned above, sugar-free energy drinks are also incredibly convenient, which makes them a great energy-inducing option when you have minimal time but want maximum results. 

Below are 12 of the best sugar-free energy drinks available on Amazon. There are a wide range of flavors, packaging materials and brands to choose from. Plus, one of the great things about ordering through Amazon is your ability to subscribe to re-ordering. This helps your fridge remain stocked through regular deliveries without the need to repeat your orders every time you’re running low.


1. V8 +Energy


V8 is the go-to brand when it comes to healthy energy drinks, and their +Energy range is the best of the best. V8 +Energy offers the delicious taste of a normal V8 in addition to an 80-milligram hit of green tea caffeine to help wake you up. Each slim-style can contains less than 50 calories and ticks off one of your recommended fruit or vegetable servings for the day. That’s a lot of goodness in such a small can.

V8 Energy Drink Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Ocean Spray Cran-Energy


Cran-Energy has the same classic quenching taste of Ocean Spray cranberry but without any of the sugar. Each 10-ounce bottle is a refreshing and revitalizing mix of fruit juices, natural caffeine sources and vitamins. And, at only 40 calories per bottle, this is a low-calorie, sugar-free energy drink option that can be sipped on the go and recycled, thanks to their easy-grab, plastic design.

Ocean Spray Drink Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Monster Energy Zero Ultra


As one of the most popular brands in the beverage world, we wouldn’t expect any less than the best from Monster. With over 25,000 reviews and a five-star rating, this Monster Energy Zero Ultra lives up to those standards and is sure to be a win as your sugar-free energy drink. Furthermore, as each can only contains five calories while still providing 100 milligrams of caffeine, it can give you the boost you want without clocking up calories.

best sugar free energy drinks monster zero ultra Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Zevia Energy Drink


Keep your taste buds happy with any one of the four delicious flavors included in the Zevia Energy Drinks 12 Pack. Choose from raspberry and lime, mango and ginger, kola or grapefruit for your daily dose of clean caffeine. Additionally, all flavors of Zevia Energy Drink are completely sugar-free, vegan and do not contain any GMO additives, meaning you can sip with confidence in the cleanness of this energy drink choice.

best sugar free energy drinks zevia zero Image courtesy of Amazon


5. ASPIRE Healthy Energy Drink


ASPIRE Healthy Energy Drink is a great option for the health-conscious among us. Every flavor is vegan friendly and contains multiple vitamins that may promote better focus, increased productivity and an improved metabolism. At the point of purchase, you can select from the wide range of flavors available including apple acai, mango lemonade, orange pineapple and tropical. There’s also a variety pack option available for those who believe variety is the spice of life.

best sugar free energy drinks aspire healthy Image courtesy of Amazon


6. VPX Bang Radical Skadattle Energy Drink


For a “potent brain and body fuel boost,” look no further than VPX Bang. This “Radical Skadattle” flavored energy drink gives you a hard hit of power without the input of any sugar or accompanying carbs. Instead, VPX uses a mix of CoQ10, essential amino acids and their patented “Super Creatine.” Furthermore, it’s not just what’s inside the can which will give you a boost as just looking at the color pink and blue artwork on the cans is sure to brighten up your day.

sugar free energy drinks vpx bang radical skadattle Image courtesy of Amazon


7. CELSIUS Fitness Drink


CELSIUS Fitness Drinks are a compact sparkling source of seven essential vitamins, ideal for preparing you for your time in the gym. This pre-workout beverage boosts and utilizes natural ingredients, such as green tea extra, guarana seed extract and ginger root, to deliver a trustworthy sugar-free energy drink you can rely on. In addition, you’ll also find chromium, which helps stave off hunger for longer by balancing your blood sugar levels.

sugar free energy drinks celsius sparkling Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Jocko Discipline Go Energy Drink


Jocko’s sugar-free Discipline Go Energy Drink was created by a former Navy Seal and is committed to delivering a top standard supply of L-theanine, caffeine and theobromine. The military-inspired appearance advertises the benefits your physical and cognitive outputs may enjoy from drinking Jocko. Plus, this drink has been developed for daily use, which its best time of consumption being prior to a situation when boosted levels of energy and focus are required, such as working out.

sugar free energy drinks jocko go Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Hiball Energy Juice Drink


Hiball is a full-flavor, sugar-free sparkling drink made from all-natural ingredients. The healthy concoction includes four B Vitamins, organic ginseng and organic guarana to give you the boost of energy you need. Eight 16 ounce cans are included in each variety pack across four no carb and no sugar flavors, all of which are a source of long-lasting energy that you can rely on.

hiball energy Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Alani Nu Energy Drink


Each can of Alani Nu Energy Drink contains only 10 calories and gives you a 200-milligram boost of caffeine. They’re vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and available in a range of delicious flavors, including mimosa, tropsicle and rainbow candy flavors. Alani Nu also promotes their drinks as a zero-guilt boost as they rely on taurine, caffeine, panax root extract and guarana seed extract to provide your source of energy as well as brightening up your day.

alani nu sugar free energy drink Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Pureboost Energy Drink


Pureboost’s sugar-free energy drink sachets are one of the most portable and travel-friendly ways to get your energy kick, even when you’re on the move. For up to six hours of healthy energy, simply tear the sachet open, pour it into a 16 to 20-ounce bottle of water, shake and enjoy. You’ll soon feel the benefits of slow-releasing energy which is sourced from natural green tea caffeine as well as a welcome dose of B12, too.

pureboost clean energy drink mix Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Red Bull Sugar-Free Energy Drink


As the most sought after energy drink on the planet, it’s understandable that Red Bull’s Sugar-Free Energy Drink has the highest price tag in our roundup. 12 cans are included with each order, and the light blue design is easily recognizable as a variation of Red Bull’s iconic original branding. In addition, the sugar-free formula includes B vitamins, taurine and caffeine and is served in completely recyclable aluminum cans.

red bull energy drink Image courtesy of Amazon


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