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Yes, You Can Get a Fancy Espresso Machine For Under $100

* This espresso machine delivers delicious coffee in under a minute
* Simply add water, load a capsule and choose your cup size
* It’s loved by users, makes great at-home espresso and available for under $100

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you likely can’t go a day without a cup of coffee. And while your normal cup of joe will get you through work or your errands, your body craves the silky, rich notes of espresso. Unfortunately, the closest espresso machine to you currently is probably at the expensive Starbucks around the corner.

What if we told you that you could have a Nespresso machine in the comfort of your home for under $100? Let us introduce the

. This beautiful and capable machine brews any Nespresso capsule, resulting in a variety of delectable espresso drinks made directly in your office or kitchen.

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When it comes to creating your beverage, the process is both simple and speedy. Once you have filled the 24-ounce tank with water, simply load the flavor capsule of your choosing, press the button and enjoy your freshly made drink. The device takes under 30 seconds to boil water, which means you’re never going to be more than a minute or so away from enjoying the perfect espresso on demand.

The Nespresso Inissia is capable of brewing two different beverage sizes. For those who just need a quick and delicious hit of the good stuff, there’s the 1.35 oz espresso option. While for any who want to savor their drink, the lungo option delivers 5 oz at the push of a button. The large, folding drip tray helps prevent spillages when you’re brain is on vacation and also has space to accommodate larger cup sizes, too.

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Another popular option is to create an iced version of your favorite coffee beverages. It’s as easy as brewing your favorite flavor capsule and pouring the results over ice for a chilled out alternative on a warm summer’s day.

In addition, this advanced coffee machine is environmentally conscious as it comes with a handy power saving function which sees the machine automatically switch off after nine minutes of inactivity. Plus, Nespresso is light years ahead of other personal coffee brewers as their capsules or pods are completely recyclable thanks to the company’s eco-friendly policy.

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In terms of your interior kitchen design, you’ll be happy to note that you can choose between an all black and a silver model of this Nespresso machine. In addition, each device comes with a welcome pack of 16 different capsule flavors to try, allowing you to find the best espresso flavor for your taste.

Forget throwing money away on overpriced coffee on a daily basis and start enjoying the benefits of home brewed, delicious espresso whenever you want it – for under $100.


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