These 5 Flavored Coffees are Good Enough to Make Us Ditch the Creamer

flavored coffee in mug
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* Coffee is an important morning staple
* Sugar and creamers add calories and artificial flavors
* Here are five great flavored coffees that aren’t bitter black

Drinking coffee in the morning is a treasured ritual for some people and an absolute necessity to stay awake for others. Whatever your reason for drinking, you can probably agree that starting your morning with a delicious cup of joe makes for a much happier day than having to chug down a bitter or flavorless one.

To bring bliss back to your mornings, we’ve compiled a list of five deliciously flavored coffees that you can drink black and actually still enjoy. Get ready for your kitchen to be full of indulgent aromas and your java to be smooth and flavorful.

1. Cameron’s Coffee Snickeroo

Cameron’s small-batch, sustainable and handcrafted coffee is produced from only the top 10% of specialty-grade Arabica beans in the world. The roasters use custom drums to manage airflow during the roasting process and focus on immediately cooling the beans at a precisely-determined moment to avoid over-roasting and bitterness. The light roast Snickeroo consists of notes of cinnamon, cream and graham crackers that reviewers say is like a mix of snickerdoodle cookies and s’mores.

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2. New England Coffee Blueberry Cobbler

New England Coffee has been honing its roasting process for 100 years and has garnered quite the dedicated fanbase. Happy customers rave about this blueberry cobbler blend, saying that it has a smooth, natural flavor profile that never leaves an artificial aftertaste. They love the way it makes their kitchens smell like freshly-baked blueberry muffins whenever they make a cup and also swear it’s the best replacement for Dunkin’ Donuts’ now-discontinued blueberry blend.

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3. Kauai Ground Coffee Coconut Caramel Crunch

Hawaii’s largest coffee grower is committed to providing 100% Arabica coffee in an eco-friendly way with sustainable growing processes and packaging. Coconut Caramel Crunch is a smooth blend of caramel and mild coconut that reviewers say has a great sweet and nutty balance. The strong, tropical aroma alone can make you feel like every morning is a vacation and can brighten even the dullest commute when you take it to-go.

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4. Death Wish Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Autumn may be over but you can cozy up with a mug of pumpkin spice coffee all year with this all-natural, fair trade blend. Death Wish Coffee Co. prides itself on providing some of the highest-caffeinated coffee grounds on the market, but each blend is also carefully curated to provide strong flavors that they say are never bitter. This particular blend is aged for 10-12 days before cauldron-roasting and packs chai-inspired punches of spices like cardamom, cinnamon and ginger.

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5. Stone Street Coffee Company Hazelnut Supreme

This “micro-roasterie” in Brooklyn sources 100% Colombian Arabica beans for their handcrafted coffees, which are produced in small batches to allow for specialized and focused flavor development. Hazelnut lovers will appreciate that this medium roast lets the hazelnut shine without any other flavor distractions. This blend is not as sweet as many other flavored coffees but it’s pleasantly aromatic and reviewers say there’s no bitterness or burnt notes.

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