Keep Food Fresher Longer and Meal Prep Better With These Storage Containers

best food storage containers

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While some of us dream of ordering take-out every day, cooking your own food is much healthier and fresher. However, cooking precisely the right portions for one night can be tough, and sometimes you want to cook enough for a few nights in advance if you’re working late or don’t want the hassle of a mess.

Even if you do cave and order in, storing your leftovers in a proper container to maintain freshness is vital. We compiled the most popular, plastic, glass and silicone options that come in all different shapes and sizes. Each of them works to seal in odors and flavors, ensuring that you don’t have a fridge full of stinky, random del meats or restaurant containers piling up.

These containers will streamline the whole process of food storage and help reduce the chaos in your refrigerator. Plus – so many food storage methods are often wasteful. Invest in options that are better quality than cheap, single-use containers.


1. Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set


Differentiating between your different storage containers, especially if you carry multiple kinds of grains, beans, or cereals, can get confusing. However, these BPA-free airtight food storage containers come with attractive labels and a marker, to make kitchen organization a breeze. The set comes in seven pieces, with sizes for everything from ice cream toppings to dry pasta. They’re stackable and space-efficient, which helps you make the most of tiny pantries.

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2. OXO Good Grips 8-Piece POP Container Baking Set


This set is a must for bakers who always feel like something is missing in the kitchen. A press of a button which also acts as a handle initiates an airtight seal, while complimentary scoops and a brown sugar saver keeps everything where it’s supposed to be.

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3. FineDine 24-Piece Superior Glass Food Storage Containers Set


Sometimes you just need a sturdy, reliable construction, to store your food when a BPA-free plastic option doesn’t cut it. Glass offers these benefits along with leak-proof and oven-safe features. Never worry about spills on-the-go with this generous 24-piece set that will last years. Unlike plastic, these containers are made of a glass that can handle quick temperature changes without cracking, and won’t stain or absorb pungent scents.

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4. HUNNYBEE Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap (7 Pack)


If your pantry is already filled with Tupperware containers but you’re feeling the karma of using plastic wrap and plastic bags to store your food, beeswax food wrap is an innovative solution. This variety pack of beeswax wrappers from HUNNYBEE can wrap up all kinds of unfinished food from veggies and bowls of cereal. Using the warmth of your hands, the wrap molds around your container, bowl, or food item, creating a seal when it cools down.

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5. TAVVA Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers


Glass containers with lockable lids aren’t the most child-friendly, but Tavva has created a sustainable solution that acts as an easy lunch box for toddlers and kids. This set of five is plastic-free and made up of stainless steel bases with silicone lids. These containers can even be filled with water, and even when they’re turned upside down overnight, nothing will leak. The round shape also makes it easy to clean.

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6. Ziploc Twist ’n Loc & One Press Seal Storage Containers


Ziploc has always been a leader in food storage solutions, and this plentiful 40-pack offers more than enough room for leftovers, sauces, chili, soup and more. These are useful if you tend to meal prep or frequently pack up items that are differently sized. The price on Amazon is also notably cheaper than the same product in local drugstores.

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7. 12oz Compostable Paper Food Cup (50-pack)


If you’re a passionate composter or opposed to the use of plastic, you’ll appreciate these biodegradable paper storage containers. They can’t be reused, but come with a vented lid and are perfect for storing ice cream, ramen, or salad. That being said, they aren’t airtight but are a multi-purpose option that minimizes your footprint. Perfect for hot lunches, as the lids are vented to prevent excessive moisture from making food soggy.

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8. Rubbermaid Food Storage 12-Piece Plastic Containers


Many food storage containers have leakproof capabilities but don’t have separate compartments to divide multiple foods in the same container. These Rubbermaid containers are bento box-style and come with 12 pieces. They’re more lightweight than glass, and one reviewer notes that this choice (although made of plastic) didn’t leave discolored marks or stains, unlike similar products.

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9. Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers


If you tend to store all or most of your dry groceries in airtight containers, this large 12-piece kit can carry an impressive amount of cereal, grains, or baking foods. Made of thick, durable plastic, they’re all dishwasher safe and include 24 labels, in case you feel like switching things up. Even better? They’re safe for the freezer and microwave if you do want to use them for leftovers.

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10. SuperDee Corp Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers


These collapsible meal prep boxes are made of the versatile and popular material silicon for a low price. Tough to find at drugstores or supermarkets, these colorful boxes are great for both adult and kid lunchtimes. They can shrink down and fit into tricky or oddly shaped places thanks to the material, but some users do note that they were a bit smaller than expected, so maybe stick to to-go portions or camping meals.

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